Can weekend MBA programs help rejuvenate a mundane management career?

Weekend MBA programs

Upgradation is perhaps the only path to the preservation of professional relevance. Especially for managers in their mid-careers, struggling to cope with a completely changed market. Upgradation is perhaps the only way the struggle can be ended. The markets are changing in sync with the changing demands of customers. In this post-pandemic world, the needs … Read more

Explaining the process of business analytics: An insider’s perspective

business analytics

Introduction In simple terms, we can define business analytics as the process of collecting data, processing it, analyzing it, and eventually deriving insights from it so that business decisions can be much more informed. It is extremely important in the present time as it serves as the report card of the performance of different businesses. … Read more

Which is more important: app installation discovery or engagement?

mobile app

                                                                           Engaging is of paramount importance to app developers and all creators of consumer tech products and all products. This industry-agnostic quote is from a Bain study on customer attrition. How can loyal relationships lead to cost savings? It is worth considering the cost of maintaining a loyal customer over the cost of acquiring a … Read more

British Tv Channels Online Free- Live Tv Online

To stream UK TV shows from overseas, whether in Italy, Germany, Canada, Australia, or elsewhere. There’s no denying that many UK TV networks have unique British content exclusive to specific channels. Sadly, a large portion of content in the UK is unavailable due to geo-restrictions. This is unfortunate, considering how websites like BBC Hub, Netflix … Read more