Can weekend MBA programs help rejuvenate a mundane management career?

Upgradation is perhaps the only path to the preservation of professional relevance. Especially for managers in their mid-careers, struggling to cope with a completely changed market. Upgradation is perhaps the only way the struggle can be ended. The markets are changing in sync with the changing demands of customers. In this post-pandemic world, the needs and interests are new. And businesses are trying their best to cope with the same. Huge amounts of data are being used every day for making any mundane decision. The importance is seemingly shifting towards long-term sustenance from more successes. And the times we are struggling with are precarious. Something that demands this vigilance.

Thus, for responsible managers in their mid-careers, it is essential to keep up. But the entanglements with job and family prevent them from opting for a smooth upgrade. Weekend MBA programs and online management courses are thus gaining popularity among these drifting managers. And this article will try to evaluate the foundation for this sudden popularity and validate the relevance of such courses in 2022!

Why opt for weekend MBA programs?

Weekend MBA classes are designed to help professionals make their weekends count. During the week a professional is engaged with work, kids, and family. But the weekends are usually full of leisure and in many cases wasted on resting. Weekend MBA classes help in making the weekends more productive by all means. That too, with more time for imbibing the knowledge through the week. And, managing studies without affecting employment. A lucrative proposition for professionals entangled with institutional and familial responsibilities!

What to expect from the best courses in 2022?

Industry oriented curriculum

Modern-day management courses are bred from the demands of contemporary industry. And thus tends to include courses that can be used for relevant skill development. In the end, these relevant and valued skills ensure a long-lasting career. And a professional must work to preserve this relevance. In largely suburban countries like India, cutting-edge management education is only available near major industrial population sectors. Thus naturally, the institutes and the industry are closely allied and are known for intimate relationships.

An institute offering weekend MBA programs are aware of the hardships of mid-career professionals. And keep their curriculum updated so that this great sacrifice of weekends never ends up in vain.

Experienced faculties

In long-standing institutes, the faculty are expected to possess years of experience in transforming students into adept managers. And in many cases, faculty members are practitioners themselves, always in touch with the trends and demands of the industry. Thus, arming an entire batch with skills that are valued in the industry and placing them in relevant positions are a cakewalk for these teachers.


A good institute is expected to be transparent with its potential students. And guide them as much as possible by completely declaring their offerings and charges. A good institute must promise what is possible to deliver. And stay true to their words down to the last-minute details. In addition to that, hiding a fee or a hidden term should also be treated with suspicion. And such institutes evaded at once. 

Concentration on data education.

In 2022, conducting commerce is impossible without the utilization of huge amounts of data. And thus the administrators at the helm must be data-adept professionals with intentions to make data-driven decisions. For managers in their mid-careers, an upgrade is useless without data education. Thus, a good MBA program, regardless of its schedule, must emphasize data education. And arming professionals with skills that matter in real-world scenarios.

The prospects!

The prospect of pursuing a degree only on weekends is not a proposition for students. These courses are designed specifically for those in mind, who can only afford to spare the weekends. Thus professionals looking for an upgrade are the targeted demography of these courses.  And professionals can only afford to devote their weekends to a greater cause. And a modern-day MBA has it all covered!

  • In product, an executive with relevant skills can be deployed at the helm of planning and analysis. The responsibilities include the study of huge amounts of end-user feedback data and internal data. And making plans poised to succeed under any circumstances.
  • In marketing, the roles are even more lucrative. And the responsibilities can lead to a thrilling administrative experience. The job is to assess all kinds of data related to marketing and come up with details. Such as which customer is to be engaged with what and when.
  • In administration experienced executives are an asset. An executive in 2022 is expected to be data adept and make data-driven decisions that are poised to be perfect. Also, communicate the same to all the involved workers, so that everyone can be adequately aware of the big picture. And perform according to the weightage of their responsibilities.

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