Windows 11 KB5012643 Is Now Available –  What’s New And Better

KB5012643 is now available for Windows 11 with a few notable improvements and several bug fixes. The update is being distributed through Windows Update and WSUS, but you could also download the offline installers for Windows 11 KB5012643. When consumers cannot apply the patch using the traditional means, the offline installers prove to be very helpful.

Windows 11 KB5012643 is an optional comprehensive preview update targeted to test the improvements included in the May 2022 Patch. Like the rest of the mandatory updates, this cumulative update will not download and install appropriately unless you check for updates and actively begin the download.


This flexible aggregate update is not a massive delivery, unlike the March 2022 flexible update, but it does provide a few quality chances. For example, Microsoft has introduced a component that will display the temperature on top of the climate indicator created for the taskbar and the April 2022 Update.

Microsoft has resolved an issue in which the operating system incorrectly adjusts video captions and another error in which video captions are partially cut off. Microsoft claims that it has also made adjustments to prevent users from using Windows controls such as limit, boost, and closure fastens.

Improvements To Windows 11 KB5012643 (Build 22000.652)

  • The temperature may now be shown on top of the weather symbol on the Windows 11 taskbar.
  • Microsoft claims to have made modifications to enhance the maintenance of Windows 11’s Secure Boot component.
  • Microsoft corrected a problem in which video subtitles were partially chopped off.
  • Microsoft resolved an issue that caused the operating system to align video subtitles inappropriately.
  • A weight problem has been solved, preventing users from clicking on the minimize, maximize, and close buttons.

Changes And Fixes In Build 22000.652

  • Microsoft has resolved an issue that caused Netdom.exe or the User Account Domains 
  • Microsoft has decided on a case in which the root main’s primary domain controller (PDC) generates a warning and problem events in the System log.
  • Microsoft has also addressed a problem that would lessen (IOPS) settings.

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