What Breeds of Dogs are Highly Likely to Comply with the Invisible Fence?

Electric or invisible fence installation provides protection and security for your dogs. But this kind of fence is not always supposed to work. There could be some dog breeds that are less likely to comply with such fencing systems. On the other hand, you should not use such a fence for dogs suffering from some terminal diseases. Therefore, you should consider a few essential considerations before installing an invisible fence.

Nevertheless, few dog breeds are lenient in complying with such invisible fencing systems. If your dog falls under such breeds, it would be a good idea to install an invisible fence in your backyard. Read to know some of such dog breeds below.

Great Danes

If you have a dog of the Great Dane breed, then you can install an electric invisible fence to ensure your pet’s protection. Great Danes are considered to be perfectly complying with invisible fencing systems.

This breed of dog is known to be quite smart and resourceful. As a result, they are more likely to behave as compared to other types of breeds out there. But you should know that sometimes curiosity gets the best of them. In such cases, they might not behave well.


Despite being considered a stubborn dog breed, Bloodhounds are affectionate and gentle. Due to this reason, you can train them to behave after installing an invisible fence. Once you install such a fence, you will likely get positive results.

The containment zone ensures they behave and remain within the boundary in your absence. This is why most Bloodhounds owners prefer to install an invisible fence to ensure the safety of their pets. You can also do the same.


It is tough and challenging to control Pitbull. And at times, they could be a little ferocious or violent. Nevertheless, you can install an invisible fence and train them to behave. Despite their nature, Pitbulls tend to pay attention to their neighbour and understand things better.

This is why once you use an invisible electric fence, they comply well to stay within the boundary. You are just supposed to be careful while dealing with Pitbulls. The fence system has to be of good quality, and you will likely get good results. This is one of those dogs that do well with invisible fence.

German Shepherds

To train German Shepherds well, dog owners prefer to use a good invisible fencing system. This breed of dog behaves well when learning or getting trained. The process of training them is not easy, but it is doable.

Constructing an invisible fence in your backyard will surely be fruitful as it will make them compliant. As a result, the dog will remain or roam inside the fence, ensuring its security and protection.


Huskies come under those dogs that go well with invisible fence. Most Huskies owners prefer to install invisible or electric fences to make their dogs behave well. This breed of dog loves to stay inside the boundary of fencing.

As a result, you can easily keep an eye on them. Even after installing the fence, it all comes down to your ability to train your dog to behave well. You will get the ultimate peace of mind after installing such a fence.

It can be known from above that you will be benefitted after installing invisible fencing to protect your dog. You are just supposed to train your dog well, and everything will be fine. There is relevant information on the internet about the installation and other guidelines that you should explore properly.

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