Get Advantage of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act with WebCare360

If you’ve landed here, there is a maximum chance that DMCA took down your content, and you are looking for ways to avoid it. If you want to ensure that your website is not subject to arbitrary takedowns under Digital Millennium Copyrights Act. In that case, having a WebCare360 offshore DMCA ignored hosting can be your preferred partner. Our hosting services allow you to host your website in a different country rather than your own country and be online always without being subjected to the DMCA regulations. Let’s first discuss what it means by DMCA ignoring hosting.

What is DMCA ignored hosting?

Nowadays, uploading content or setting up a business on the internet is a piece of cake, and people can often post copyrighted content. DMCA works by blocking or suspending any content that has been found copyrighted, and they do this by sending a notice to the hosting provider. While on the other hand, Best Dmca Ignore Hosting works by ignoring the request from DMCA and don’t delete your data files from its data center, better known as DMCA ignored hosting. So, if you want to keep your website safe from arbitrary takedowns, you must go with WebCare360 DMCA ignored hosting, as it gives you peace of mind to run your business without being worried.

Which countries ignore DMCA?

As DMCA is a U.S law, therefore, it applies only to the websites that are hosted in the U.S. The Law applies even if the owner lives outside of the country and the website is hosted in the U.S. A few countries ignore DMCA law, which is listed below.

  • Russia
  • The Netherlands
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Bulgaria
  • Luxembourg

WebCare360 is one of the famous names for offering Dmca Free Hosting. If you are still unsatisfied, consider the points mentioned below to know us better.

  • Offshore Data Center- WebCare360 data centre is where DMCA rules are not applied. We also offer you security, identity protection, and anonymity.
  • Hardware- All our servers are equipped with enterprise-grade components from-known brands such as ‎Intel, DELL, CISCO, and AMD Ryzen™, meaning that we serve all your requests on the go.
  • Support- We are always online, ready to assist our customers. We offer professional assistance 24x7x365 with no interruptions to your operation.
  • Certified Domain Registrar- We have been a strong advocate of privacy, anonymity, and network neutrality since 2009. We safeguard and protect your identity and offer you domain the ultimate shield.
  • Identity Protection- WebCare360 ensures that all our customer data are safe. We don’t share data with any third party, no matter what. We minimize our customers’ public visibility to protect their privacy and identity.
  • Security features – Not everybody will like your site, and some bad players will go to lengths to bring it down. DDoS attacks are especially harmful, which is why WebCare360 offers advanced protection against all types of attacks so that you can be at peace and focus on your business.

Closing Lines

WebCare360 advised you to use our Offshore VPS DMCA Ignored to ensure your privacy and freedom of speech. Using our platform, users protect their data from third parties and enjoy the freedom of expression and privacy.

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