Top Teenage Jobs that Pay Well

It’s never too early to start thinking about your future, which is why you should start looking into the best jobs out there for teenagers in 2018! The great thing about many of these top teenage jobs that pay well is that they can be done on the side while you’re in school or over the summer. However, most of them do require some schooling before you can get started, so don’t put off going to college because you have a more lucrative job right now!

Working in Retail

The majority of teenagers in America work during summer vacations, after school and on weekends. They have part-time jobs at restaurants, department stores and as valets. Many are lucky enough to get a full-time job after graduating high school. As long as you’re responsible and hardworking, you can make good money by applying for one of these top teenage jobs that pay well

Working as a Laborer

Laborers do heavy manual work for a living. However, laborer jobs often don’t require any special training or skills and pay well. If you live in an area where construction is booming, consider looking into laborer jobs. According to Payscale, these are some of the highest paying teenage jobs around:1) Construction Laborer2) Landscaping Laborer3) Manufacturing Laborer4) Truck Driver5) Repair Person6) Sales Associate7) Groundskeeper8) Cashier9) Teacher10). Lifeguard11). Cook12). Butcher13). Reporter14). Waiter15). Security Guard16). Summer Camp Counselor17). Manager18). Janitor19). Customer Service Rep20)…

Selling on eBay

If you have a decent eBay account, you can make some great money on it. Think of clever, witty ways to sell your items, and come up with a catchy title. You could also consider auctioning off one item at a time if selling multiple items at once is too much work. Start small and work your way up!

Becoming an Uber Driver

Earn while you learn! Becoming an Uber driver allows you to gain experience in a new career field and make some extra cash—an added bonus is that your schedule can be as flexible as you like. To become an Uber driver, all you need is a license, registration, insurance and a car no older than 10 years. By driving with Uber, you’ll have access to flexible schedules and earnings potential—and get paid weekly just for helping our community of riders get rides around town.

Becoming a Babysitter

Babysitting is a great way to start earning money, no matter your age. Start by offering to watch younger siblings or neighbors, and then offer babysitting services through word of mouth. Be sure to check with your parents, as they might already have someone they trust who can do it for them. If you’re under 16, make sure you check with an adult in your family before agreeing to babysit—you don’t want to get in trouble for working without permission from an adult!

Selling Crafts Online

Crafts can pay off, especially if you already know what you’re doing. If you have a knack for making handmade jewelry, it’s possible to turn your passion into a profitable side business idea; similarly, if you take up knitting or woodworking for fun and think about selling your creations online through Etsy or at local craft fairs, it could be smart to put that experience to work making an extra buck. Selling personalized mugs with custom designs through sites like Zazzle can be another great way to leverage your existing interests into a good side business idea—especially if you start experimenting with other materials. In fact, we often see side businesses becoming full-time businesses when their owners successfully transition from part-time passion projects into even more profitable products!

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