Speedy Event Registration – 7 Amazing Apps To Do Your Bidding

An event check-in procedure, although it might not seem too much, can be quite intimidating, especially for a beginner. Therefore, in this aspect, it’s better to opt for an event registration app that can help you get started with just a single click.

And, there’s no need to buy their premium version by paying a huge amount of cash. Instead, you can simply go to a torrent website like the Pirate Bay and download them for free.

The Best Event Check-In Apps To Know About!

In this section, we’ll talk about some of the event check-in apps we’ve used ourselves before. So, they’re all tried and tested, if you may.

Option – 1: OnArrival

Developed by Cvent, this application is all about syncing all your audience in a structured manner. So, it’ll be easier for you to find the attendees quicker than usual. Besides, there’s also a kiosk mode available in this app. With it, your guests can identify themselves during the time of entering. You can also use the software to process your payments.

Option – 2: Eventbrite

With Eventbrite, you can perform online booking, client and ticket management, and attendee check-in from a single place. Additionally, whenever someone registers through this app for your event, you can track the source and have a background evaluation on the person. In any case, the application doesn’t really offer anything regarding customization. So, that’s a con.

Option – 3: Certain Arrive

Unlike the former, Certain Arrive is customizable. Thus, with it, you can shorten the check-in line, track the attendance rating, and perform a guest check-in procedure perfectly. Besides, it can also help you send a VIP notification to everyone who wants to come to your event. But, the copying and pasting process of the app is pretty manual and time-consuming.

Option – 4: Glistrr

Glistrr is a unique software program, which comes with a unique barcode scanning feature to make your attendee-tracking easier than ever. Apart from that, you can also do concession or box office management with just a single click. However, the optimization of this application isn’t good enough in our opinion. It crashed quite a few times while we were using it.

Option – 5: Splash

Splash, in essence, is an online event management application, which can offer –

  • Audience segmentation,
  • Media promotional and gamification,
  • Ticketing
  • Creating an analytic or report on the attendee group, and
  • Customer management. 

Besides, once you customize an event, you can create a new one following the same with just a single click. There’s no need to worry about doing anything manually at all.

Option – 6: Zkipster

Zkipster is a mobile-focused application, which can be ideal for multi-event management. It can help you make unlimited RSVP emails at once and create a guest response form for your event. Also, there are pre-created templates available in this program, which can let you send customized emails to your guests. Nonetheless, the status section is quite lackluster.

Option – 7: Attendium

Attendium, in essence, is a cloud-based event software, which can help you manage attendee check-ins at multiple events simultaneously. There’s a data synchronization feature available here, which can help you sort all of your stuff in a single place.

Also, with this application, you can upload guest lists from an excel sheet to text file. And, if you want, you can download the same whenever you want to.

However, the primary selling point of attention is that it’s pretty simple and safe to use. The security system of the same is pretty robust. So, it’ll be impossible for anyone else to hack it.

The only issue with this software is that it’s still not mature enough as a mobile application. As of now, you can only use it for checking-in and new guests on the list. That’s all.

Streamlining Your Event Planning!

Event planning, in essence, is quite a hectic task. Therefore, if you’re not careful enough, you might end up making a costly mistake or two. And, that’s not going to help your reputation.

Therefore, instead of doing everything manually, you can put the duty on an application that can streamline everything perfectly. 

And, you can download them from the Pirate Bay without paying a single penny, which is an amazing aspect of them as well.

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