Number To Dial To See If Your Phone Is Tapped

Our lives are now completely dependent on our phones. You will never be aware whether your phone has been tapped, though. Anyone, whether the police, parents, or someone with ulterior purposes, is capable of tapping a phone.

Numerous hackers are capable of installing harmful software to tap your phone and steal your personal information. We’ll go over ways to detect phone tapping with you in this section.

Number To Dial / Code To Check If Your Phone Is Tapped

You can see phone codes that indicate whether your calls are being redirected to another number.

It will also let you know about the messages as well as data. The information will appear on the phone screen once you’ve hit it on the screen.


Number to Dial 21; You can see the various types of diversion status associated with the number by dialing *#21#. You will see the details and learn if your calls or texts have been recorded by doing this.


Number to Dial 002; You can turn off all phone redirection by dialling ##002# on your phone. This will add to your security measures. And through this you can see whether your phone is tapped or not.


Number to Dial 62; By dialling *#62#, you can check to see if your calls, messages, and data are being forwarded.


Number to Dial 06; You can find out the International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI) code by phoning *#06#. This is also quite beneficial if you misplace your phone.

Even when a new SIM card is placed, as soon as the phone is turned on, the network operator will automatically get the location.


If you want to find out if your missed calls are being forwarded, dial *#61#. Use this code to check to see if anyone else is receiving your calls when they go unanswered.

Call ##61# to have these settings automatically changed if you detect any odd indicators. By dialling this phone tapping code when your smartphone is off or you lose connectivity, you can find out who is receiving your text messages and phone calls.

If this code produces a number, it might be your voicemail; don’t panic. Otherwise, dial ##62# to stop the hackers from listening in on your phone calls. And don’t worry if it still doesn’t go away after phoning ##62#. Not any hacker, either.

How to Tell If Your Phone Is Tapped?

1. Battery Issues

The battery draining regularly is one of the primary indicators of phone tapping. Sometimes it will also become warm. Low power and high temperature are signs of harmful malware.

However, it might also occur if you utilize numerous apps and use a lot of data. Malicious software operating in the background is another cause of a heated battery.

If you suspect that the phone won’t keep a charge, you should keep a close eye on it. Think about the apps that use the most battery.

2. Mobile Data Usage

If you notice that your mobile device uses more data than usual and uses it slowly, there might be a problem. It can occur when current malware secretly uploads massive amounts of data.

This most frequently occurs when you use free public Wi-Fi. You must ascertain the real cause of any of them if you are unfortunate enough to see one.

If you can’t identify the solution, there’s a chance that the messages could be intercepted by a third party.

Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile data consumption on your Android device to quickly view your data usage. You must first tap Settings on your iPhone before selecting Cellular.

3. Unwanted Ads and Apps

Ads and pop-ups that are unwanted can be highly annoying. They can be a warning that someone is eavesdropping on your phone, therefore you should never ignore them. Watch out for any apps you are not familiar with.

Additionally, there may be background-running apps that you haven’t installed. This might be harmful and collect information. The advertisements may also be quite bothersome and tempt you to click on them unintentionally.

The infection increases data usage and produces a lot of ad traffic. This could essentially be done to create income via pay per click. Never click on any links that could infect your computer with malware.

4. Performance Issues

It’s even possible that your phone will have general performance concerns. You must be aware that if more data is utilised, your device may get slower. Malware can fool you into downloading phoney system updates so that it can track everything you do.

Your smartphone may potentially be given root access by it. Hackers might get your information this way. Due to performance problems, you might believe that your smartphone is getting old.

Real apps can consume power, but they won’t slow down your smartphone’s response speed. You must carry out this process to determine which apps are utilising more RAM. You must select Settings on your Android phone, then select Apps.

You must now select Running. To find out which app is utilising RAM, click on the programmes. You must navigate to Settings on your iOS device. Click General. You must select iPhone Storage in the following step.

5. Strange Messages

If you get weird texts, your phone may be being tapped. You should never ignore these messages. It can look like spam or an inaccurate number made up of randomly selected letters and digits.

Some of them include symbols as well. It is used by con artists and has the potential to be quite harmful. Avoid letting your phone become compromised since a hacker will try to install malware on it.

Always check the media profiles and the communications flow. If you can’t remember mailing anything, that raises serious suspicions.

6. Websites Look Weird

Never overlook any URL code that you may come across in an email or text message. When you click the link, you will be charged. You will be taken advantage of by this kind of message, and you won’t even need to click on a malicious link.

The webpage will regularly appear on your phone if there is a malicious app installed. The reason for this is that the malicious app will operate as a proxy and communicate with the website on your behalf.

The malicious software will display a false page and log everything you write. Even when you choose private browsing, this can take place.

When you use online banking, you must provide personal information, such as a password or other financial information.

There might not be any differences, but a website might have a fresh user interface. When something appears somewhat different between the PC and mobile versions, always compare the two.


Most of us won’t be telephone tap targets. As a result, you can relax and feel calm. However, you must always adhere to fundamental security precautions. It’s crucial to get programmes from Google and Apple’s approved app stores.

Never download programmes from unofficial sites as doing so will raise your chance of infection. You will need to respond quickly if you happen to notice any of the aforementioned indicators.

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