Mobile Pixels Duex Plus Review

This Mobile Pixels Duex Plus review focuses on its dimensions, brightness, rotation, and price. These aspects are essential for anyone who is considering buying this product. Let’s find out if this is a good buy! After reading this review, you will be able to make an informed decision.


The Mobile Pixels Duex Plus is a portable secondary monitor that is a perfect fit for the digital nomad. Its slim and light design makes it easy to pack and won’t take up too much space on your laptop. Despite its small size, it offers plenty of screen space for basic tasks and is perfect for students and creative professionals who are constantly on the move.

The Mobile Pixels DUEX Max weighs only 1.7 pounds and is made of plastic, which is lighter than metal. This makes it easier to carry around because of the reduced weight and extra support the hinges have to give. This model also has a similar design as the DUEX Plus, including gently raised edges that make it easier to hold and use.

When it comes to connectivity, the Duex Plus has two USB-C ports and one can carry a DisplayPort signal. The other port can be plugged into a full-sized USB socket. The Duex Plus’s screen has a maximum brightness of 171cd/m2, which is not enough for outdoor use.


The Mobile Pixels Duex Plus is a 14-inch, plug-and-play portable monitor that’s compatible with PCs and Macs. It boasts 60 Hz refresh rate and is the perfect companion for digital nomads on the go. However, its fiddly attachment mechanism and poor build quality make it only suitable for basic tasks and indoor environments.

The Mobile Pixels Duex Plus is available for sale in major markets. It attaches to laptops using magnets and stickers. The case features four round magnets that sit inside the slots of the laptop’s display. You can then slide the screen out of the rear casing.

The Mobile Pixels Duex Plus retails for $299 (about AU$477), which is more expensive than a standard second-screen. However, it’s still a good choice for laptop users who don’t need a full-size portable monitor. Moreover, you can pair the device with your notebook to create an even larger display.


The Duex Plus has been designed to be both portable and user-friendly. Its dual sliding system allows it to be attached to either the left or right side of a device. In addition, the 270-degree rotation and 180-degree presentation mode make it ideal for both landscape and portrait modes. Its slim magnetic system provides stability and support.

The Duex Plus offers good text clarity and auto-rotates based on orientation. If you are using it on a table or in a car, you can use the ClearType Wizard to optimize the quality of text. Although the Mobile Pixels Duex Plus auto-rotates based on orientation, some users find that the text clarity is compromised. In addition, many Windows programs aren’t able to fix this problem, so it’s important to run the ClearType software to ensure that the display is optimized for your environment.


The brightness of the Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus is mediocre. Its peak brightness is disappointing, and it displays flat colours. The response time is also disappointing. Because of this, it isn’t a good choice for gaming or watching fast-moving videos. It also lacks an adjustable overdrive.

The Duex Plus features two USB-C ports, and one of them can carry a DisplayPort signal. You can also connect a second device to it using a full-size USB socket. The Duex Plus weighs the same as the DUEX Lite, but it has a larger screen. This laptop is designed to be lightweight and slim, and its ports are placed on the outside of the display.

The Mobile Pixels Duex Plus is widely available in markets around the world. The device is compatible with many laptop models and is easy to install. The case can attach to the laptop screen with magnets or stickers. The case contains four round magnets that attach to the display of the laptop. They sit in slots that secure the display. The screen then slides out of the rear casing.

The Duex Plus is a slim, lightweight laptop that can slide out from a laptop to provide an extra screen. The company’s co-founder, Jack, developed the product after receiving a screen that was too large to fit on his laptop.


The Mobile Pixels Duex Plus is a second screen for your laptop that attaches to your laptop via magnets and stickers. The case has four round magnets that fit into slots and secure the display on your laptop. When you remove the case, the screen slides out of the rear casing.

The Mobile Pixels Duex Plus is a lightweight monitor that is portable. It won’t take up too much space and can be used as a second monitor for your laptop. It isn’t designed for photo editing or gaming, but it should be fine for everyday use. It can even be attached to other devices that have a USB-C port.

The Duex Plus can be mounted on either the left or right side of your laptop. You can also attach it to the back of a desktop monitor. Another great way to use this device is as a monitor for the Nintendo Switch. Simply connect the Nintendo Switch’s power cord to the port marked for power, and connect the monitor cable to the second USB port. You’ll be able to play games at full 1080p.

The Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus has a 13.3-inch display screen, but you can choose a smaller display. The 13-inch screen on the Mobile Pixels Duex Plus is perfect for professionals who need a larger screen or for multitasking.


Branding with Mobile Pixels Duex Plus is a great way to get your logo or message across to consumers. The case is widely available and attaches to a laptop through magnets and stickers. A molded plastic tray protects the screen and other accessories, and the device also comes with a protective display bag.

The mobile screen is powered by USB-A. The Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus doesn’t have an HDMI port, but it does feature a single USB-A 3.0 cable. This makes it plug and play and easy to use. It features a G-Sensor, which is useful for adjusting screen orientation and positioning. It also has a portrait mode for using it with mobile devices that are capable of piping video out.

The Mobile Pixels Duex Plus is a great choice for those who travel or need a larger screen. It features a 13.3-inch display, which is perfect for multitasking. Moreover, it can be added to either side of a laptop screen. The screen is capable of displaying 1080p resolution and works right after plugging in.

Support for USB-C

With the support for USB-C, the Duex Plus makes it a breeze to charge your devices. Not only does it provide a convenient USB-C port, but it also has an integrated auto-rotation sensor and an optional Origami Kickstand for optimal viewing angles. It is also compatible with Nintendo Switch, making it a great device for a gaming enthusiast. The Duex Plus is made of aluminum and ABS plastic, and comes with a USB-C port for charging.

The Duex Plus features a 13.3″ FHD/1080p display. The display area measures 11.7″L x 6.5″W. It offers a 16:9 aspect ratio and supports a blue light filter. The display is a great choice for creative professionals and students who need extra screen space on the road.

The Mobile Pixels Duex Plus comes with two full-function USB-C ports that support video and power delivery. Both ports are made of durable PC-ABS plastic and an aluminum alloy that is lightweight enough for portable workstations.

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