How to Turn off Live Photos?

Live Photos, which are compatible with iPhone newer models, are a cross between a still photo and a quick movie.

These unique moving images capture three seconds of video with a vital photo in the centre, but there may be instances when a standard photo is better.

You can read this post to find out how to permanently turn off Live Photos.

How to Turn Off Live Photo for One Photo on Iphone?

Your iPhone’s Live Photo feature is always on, but you may disable it in just a few simple steps for a specific set of images or permanently. Alternatively, you may press the same target symbol in the camera app to keep your Live Photo off and only use it sometimes.

  • Open the Camera application.
  • Click or tap the Chevron logo.
  • To access the menu, tap the Live Photo icon.
  • In the menu, enabling Live Auto turns the symbol white. This means that your camera will time when to take a Live Photo on iPhone 11 and later based on the amount of movement in the scene. The Live Auto feature won’t be available on all iPhone models, so keep that in mind.
  • Live Auto- Selecting this option causes the icon to turn yellow and your camera will always take Live Photos.
  • Tap Off to turn off Live Photo. Live On.
  • The symbol will have a line across it after live photo has been disabled.

How to Turn Off Live Photo for All Photos on Iphone?

To disable Live Photo for all images you take, follow the steps below. Make sure you’ve followed the instructions in the preceding section to disable Live Photo for one photo before you start.

  • Open the Settings app first to permanently off Live Photos.
  • Click Camera after swiping down.
  • Tap the camera to stop live photos.
  • Select Settings Preserve.
  • In the options for preserve, disable live photo.
  • Toggle the setting to allow saving your Live Photo settings. Once you’ve finished, the toggle will turn green. This will keep the Camera app setting that you most recently used.

You may need to turn Live Photo off manually in your Camera app one last time, but after that, your settings should be kept in the Camera app. Even while the Live Photo feature is helpful and enjoyable, sometimes a still image is preferable. When you learn how to turn off Live, you get the best of both worlds.

How to Turn Off Live Photo on Android?

Top Shot, a feature first introduced with the Pixel 3, is a part of the standard Android camera app. When you take a picture, Top Shot can record a brief video that you can use to create a motion picture or to select the best frame for a still image. You can turn off this function to shoot conventional photos without the motion photo element.

How to turn off live photos on an Android is as follows:

  • If the photo mode isn’t already set, choose it in the camera app.
  • Click the settings button.
  • To turn off motion pictures, tap the off icon next to Top Shot.

How to turn off Live Photos when sending an iMessage?

Additionally, you have the choice to always have Live Photos on and only turn it off when transmitting photos to other people, like in iMessage. Here’s how to individually disable iMessage’s Live Photo feature:

  • Select the Live Photo(s) that you want to send by opening an iMessage conversation.
  • The Live Photos icon (the blue and white shutter lens) can be seen in the upper-left corner of the image if you chose to take a live photo or live photos.
  • Simply tap the icon to turn off the Live Photo function. The feature has been effectively removed if a slash is placed through the icon, turning it grey in colour.
  • The recipient will now see the image you transmit as a regular photo.
  • Don’t worry, the photographs will still remain Live in your Photo app even if you disable Live Photos in iMessage?

Remember that even though you can disable Live Photos using this way in iMessage, your device will not stop supporting the function.

To use Live Photos or not to use Live Photos?

In rare cases, Live Photos can be genuinely amazing memory makers. We urge you to use the feature if you like it. Just keep the Live Photo disaster involving Cary Dubek in the back of your mind and be aware that the function can lead you into some trouble.

If you plan to use Live Photos, keep in mind that they record audio AND video in the moments just before and after the picture is taken. Failure to remember that fact has resulted in other accidents in real life.

Consider not using Live Photos if you’re sending someone a nude photo and don’t want to run the danger of anything else—like your face or your surroundings—entering the picture.

If you send a Live Photo through a third-party app that doesn’t support the Apple feature (like a dating app), your Live Photo will probably just appear as a regular photo, according to Matt Binder, a tech reporter for Mashable.

However, you might still want to turn off the option out of caution. (If you need other tips on how to safely store your nudes, we’ve got you covered.) You can successfully disable Live Photos on your iPhone or iPad permanently or on a case-by-case basis if you stick to the aforementioned instructions. And if you ever have any questions

It will say LIVE in the upper left corner of your screen if you are viewing a photo in your personal iPhone or iPad photo library. Look for the Live Photo button in the upper left corner of the image if the photo was received as part of an iMessage chat. Now that you are knowledgeable, live your best lives without Live Photos. Additionally, we urge you to avoid pulling a Cary Dubek.

Final Words

Even though Live Photos are great for some sorts of photos, you might just prefer to disable them for the vast majority of your images. The above Step-by-step then demonstrates how to accomplish this.

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