How To Protect Your Video Content? Tips For IPTV Video Streaming Providers

Securing content is an important issue for any IPTV video content provider. Some people will likely want to steal your videos and share them for free via torrents. It can harm your IPTV business as you will lose a lot of revenue.

If you don’t want that to happen, you need to protect your materials from such malicious actors. There are several ways you can do that. Let’s explore some of them.

How Can An IPTV Service Provider Protect Their Content?

We think the following steps can help:

#1 IPTV solution with DRM security

If you obtained an IPTV platform made by a company that specializes in developing an IPTV solution, you likely have DRM security. For example, the Setplex team implemented such an IPTV DRM solution as a protection into their product.

Let’s talk more about what a DRM solution is. DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. It is a technology to control access to your copyrighted content. The computer program defines who has access to your videos and what kind of access. DRM prevents your videos from unauthorized access they have. It prevents your content from being stolen, downloaded, illegally distributed, and modified.

Also, DRM technology protects media companies from cybersecurity threats like data leakage or downtime.

Using DRM, content creators can control what their viewers can and cannot do with their material. They don’t need to constantly surf the internet in order to find their material stolen.

DRM limits what viewers can do with videos you are sharing with them. It restricts them from modifying, sharing, taking screenshots, and saving your videos.

Also, digital rights management technology can set expiry dates and define the date when a video is restricted from access or the number of access times after which the video is unavailable.

So, check if the IPTV solution you are using or are going to use has DRM security.

#2 Watermarks

Actually, DRM solutions can also put watermarks on your videos. But if you don’t have one, you should watermark your videos on your own.

Watermarks will help you claim ownership of your video content. You can use your logo, name, or a combination of different elements to show that a video is your asset. A watermark will show that a person spreading your video doesn’t do it legally unless you allow them to do that.

Be careful when placing a watermark in the video. Choose a place where it will not interfere with a video and disturb people during playback.

Also, remember that a simple watermark can be easily removed.

#3 Copyright your video content

When you are copyrighting your video content, you are ensuring that it gets legal protection. Then, you will be the only one who can spread your video content, define access, and monetize it.

A copyright is the protection of intellectual property. It can help you prove that you are the only one to distribute and control your videos. You probably put a lot of work and effort into creating your video content. So, the registered copyright can help you protect your creative work.

You will ensure that only you, the owner, will generate revenue by spreading your videos. Nobody else will be able to do that.

Final Thoughts

If you are creating your video content and successfully monetizing it, sooner or later, there will be somebody who doesn’t want to purchase. They would like to steal your videos and share them for free. You will lose a lot of revenue because of that. So, it is of vital importance to take measures to secure your materials.

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