How to Promote your Youtube Channel? 8 Proven Tips

There is no time like the present to consider YouTube channel promotion strategies. Yet, why “now“? The fact that YouTube is the second-most-visited website on the internet and that we now spend up to six hours per day watching videos is already ominous.

Utilize as many promotional strategies as you can if you want to stand out on YouTube. Each of these strategies for advertising your YouTube channel and increasing views will be covered in more detail below.

These suggestions are all appropriate, regardless of whether you’re just beginning to start or want to watch your numbers rise.

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8 Proven Tips to Promote your YouTube Channel

Here you go with the amazing tips to promote your Youtube channel;

1. Write engaging, must-see titles

Presentation is key in YouTube marketing. When it comes to the success of your video, titles can either make or break. Do you portray your material as something that is “must-see” or “meh“?

The secret to writing compelling titles is to draw readers in without using clickbait headlines. People want engaging content, and they also want to know what your film is about right away.

The lesson here is that you should definitely take your time considering intriguing titles rather than going with the first concept that comes to mind.

Many people have noted that the ideal length for YouTube video titles is somewhere between 70 and 80 characters.

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2. Optimize your videos for visibility

In and of itself, YouTube ranks as the second-largest search engine in the world. On YouTube, individuals look for solutions to their issues and products much like they do on Google.

Consider your YouTube videos to be just another type of content that needs to be optimised for things like keywords and tags.

You should adhere to some of the top YouTube SEO strategies to improve your chances of appearing:

  • Titles and description
  • Mention keywords in your video
  • Engagement
  • Categories
  • Tags

Don’t stuff your website’s keywords, just like with SEO. Use keywords only when they make sense and not only for their own sake

3. Figure out what your audience wants

You should always check that the content you create is in line with the preferences of your audience.

Learn about your audience and the kind of material they want to see from you before writing a blog post or producing a video.

If you’re just starting with YouTube channel promotion, research your rivals or other video producers in your niche.

See which of their videos receives the most attention and views. This can help you determine what subjects and types of videos your audience is most interested in learning about.

4. Engage with the YouTube community

Any kind of communication with your audience is appreciated by YouTube. Engaging with your subscribers can at the very least help you develop a closer relationship with your audience.

The process of “liking” comments and “pinning” a comment that you really like to send to your subscribers takes just a few seconds. Your YouTube channel marketing strategy should be built around engaging viewers through comments and “Likes.”

You would reply to comments and interact with your fans on any other social network, and YouTube is no different.

5. Customize your Thumbnails

Making custom thumbnails is one of the easiest yet most powerful strategies for promoting your YouTube channel.

Consider using your title and thumbnail together as a kind of one-two punch to draw a viewer in. Making your own thumbnails not only gives your films a more eye-catching first impression, but it also conveys a certain level of professionalism.

Additionally, creating thumbnails doesn’t have to be difficult. To make it more standardised and in line with your brand, you may even design a template using a specific font and style.

Utilizing image creation software like Canva helps to make this process extra simple.

6. Cross-promote your own videos on YouTube

There’s a good chance that you and your YouTube channel cover the same themes. Cross-promote your videos when appropriate to get the most out of your older content.

As a kind of call-to-action, you may insert links inside a video’s description and invite viewers to click on them.

Although the recent loss of YouTube’s annotation feature may have disappointed some, linking in your description entices visitors to watch your films all the way through rather than skipping forward.

7. Target Google search results

As already mentioned, YouTube is really crushing it in terms of SEO. You should advertise your YouTube channel with SEO in mind, even though you shouldn’t entirely develop material for search engines as opposed to people.

If you are struggling to come up with content ideas or want to capitalise on a hot industry keyword, think about how your YouTube channel marketing may help.

Paying attention to the SEO components of your videos is one of the finest strategies to market your YouTube channel.

8. Run a contest or giveaway

A giveaway is something that YouTube subscribers adore. Promote your YouTube channel by holding a contest or giveaway to get viewers to subscribe and interact.

People can enter your contests by like your video, leaving a comment, and subscribing to your channel. Use some of our recommended strategies when hosting a social media contest:

  • Verify that you are abiding by YouTube’s rules.
  • Give away a gift that is associated with your brand: you want to draw more people than just those looking for free stuff.
  • Use your imagination by include user-generated content and other novel admission requirements.

However, exercise caution while holding frequent YouTube competitions. To avoid wasting time, money, and resources, you should ensure that your efforts are producing results.

Ending Notes

It takes effort to increase your YouTube audience. And yes, if there is a lot of competition in your area, it could feel like a grind. That is precisely the reason why having a choice of advertising strategies on hand pays off.

Even while some of the aforementioned suggestions demand more work than others, they all potentially increase the number of viewers who view your channel and the number of subscribers you have.

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