How to Hide Birthday On Facebook

Facebook could be a tricky place for many of us. Why?

Because they keep changing the website’s interface every now and then. New updates come and go, and we do not even realize how much time has passed since we have been using social media. However, in this blog, we will be giving you a solution on how to hide your birthday on Facebook just in case you are being about it.

Easy Steps on How to Hide Date of Birth on Facebook

Before we take a peek at the answers, we must understand the device we are using even though Facebook has a similar interface for its application and webpage. So, we have divided the step-by-step guide on hiding birthday on Facebook for Facebook App and Facebook website when using PC, Android, and iOS.

First of all, sign in to your Facebook account from whatever medium you are using to run Fb. In the previous article, how to change the date of birth on Facebook, we told you how to make the alteration and reach the required settings. In this article, we will perform similar steps for hiding birthday on Fb.

How to Hide my Birthday on Fb Using Facebook App

Step 1: Once you are running the Facebook application on your device, and logged in, go to check your profile.

Step 2: Go down to tap “Edit Public Details”.

Step 3: Move below to “Edit Your About Info”.

Edit Your About info

Step 4: A “Basic info” part is there that contains GenderLanguageDate of birth, etc. Hit the “Edit” on the right.

How to Hide my Birthday on Fb Using Facebook App

Step 5: In the DATE OF BIRTH section, you can change your Date of birth and Birth Year.

Step 6: On the right is the symbol for changing privacy for both.

Step 7: Make it “Only me” after clicking on the “More options”. Modify the two one by one.

Step 8: “Save” it when done using the facility at the bottom end of the interface.

Step 9: You have hidden your birthday on Fb now.

How to Hide Birthday On Facebook Using Facebook Website on PC, Android, or iPhone

Step 1: Visit to log on to the profile you want to hide the date of birth on Facebook website using the desktop, Android, or iPhone.

Step 2: Go to your profile page.

Step 3: You will find Edit Profile just beside “Add to story“. Click the “Edit profile” button.

Step 4: A pop-up will emerge consisting of a “Profile Picture“, “Cover photo“, “Bio“, and many more.

Step 5: Scroll down to find “Edit your about info“.

Step 6: Like we had told previously in the article about how to change the date of birth on Facebook, you have to alter the privacy status of the Date of birth and Birth Year to hide it. So, firstly click on the “Contact and basic info” given on the left.

Step 5: Go down to find the “Basic info” section to set Who should see this?  Privacy to Only me for Date of birth and Birth Year.

Step 6: When you are done, the screen will come back to the previous one. Do the modification one by one for both- the date, and the year.

Step 7: Now that they are adjusted as per the requirements.

Step 8: Now your birthdate and year on are hidden from everyone.

How to Hide Birthday On Facebook on Personal Computer from Facebook Website

Step 2: For personal computers, find Edit Profile -> Step 3 or Edit details-> Update Your Information -> Step 4.

How to Hide my Birthday on Facebook

Step 3: Scroll down the box to locate Edit Your About Info.

Step 4: In the About menu on the left, visit Contact and basic info.

How to Hide my Birthday on Facebook 1

Step 5: Scroll to find Basic Info. Here you will find the options for Date of birth and Year of birth.

How to Hide Birthday On Facebook 1

Step 6: Click on the icon as shown in the image to Select Privacy for both.

Step 7: To hide birthday on Facebook, choose Only me and close the box.

How to Hide Birthday On Facebook 2

Step 8: Congratulations! You have successfully changed the privacy of your date of birth on Facebook by hiding it.

Conclusion on How to Hide Birthday On Facebook

How to hide birthday on Facebook is an easy process. All it needs is a little bit of clarification due to the presence of multiple sorts of interfaces with minimum difference. Since the Facebook platform keeps coming up with updates to improve its website, they try to be for user-friendly every time. We hope now you can easily hide your birthday on Facebook and maintain the comfort you have been looking for

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