How to Get More Instagram Followers

Unfortunately, you cannot avoid hard work. Of course, you can easily buy cheap followers for Instagram. But you need to communicate with your Followers, which preferably aren’t just ghost accounts. Only by intensively dealing with your target group will you be able to understand which content is well received and how you can elicit likes and comments from your Followers.

That’s why the importance of two-way communication is always emphasized in the world of social media marketing. We are already familiar with one-way communication from classic advertising. And it doesn’t really fit into the concept of social media. Try these six “hacks” below to increase engagement when making your Instagram profile public:

Buy Instagram Followers

Would you like to organize a competition in which users should like or comment? Unfortunately, if you have had little interaction on posts so far, the campaign can quickly go haywire.

Buying comments and hearts can help boost participation. Because nothing creates more trust than existing likes and replies. Incidentally, the same applies to increasing the number of Followers.

However, be careful not to rely solely on to buy Australian Instagram Followers. The purchase does not represent a permanent solution. The same applies here: roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Find the right time

As always, timing is everything. If your target group is located in Germany and consists mainly of employees, you don’t even have to think about posting something on Mondays at 9 a.m.

Good internet research and statistical tools will tell you when it is best to post a new post. If that time foolishly collides with your regular badminton date, you can use certain software or apps to pre-time your Instagram posts.

However, you should keep in mind that timely responses to any questions are crucial for a high interaction rate. You should therefore not shirk your responsibility and definitely pull out your smartphone after the game.

Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are as much a part of Instagram as your name is on the door. Surely you have been using hashtags for a long time. But did you know that less is more here too? Instead of the maximum of 30 hashtags per image, you should limit yourself to five really relevant ones.

Instagram has long since become aware of “spammy” hashtags and penalizes posts with too many or the same hashtags accordingly.

Use the search function to find popular hashtags, think of some yourself and, above all, make sure that everything in terms of content harmonises with your picture.

The position of the hashtags is also important. Image descriptions peppered with hashtags are difficult to read and therefore more likely to be ignored. It makes more sense if you list all the hashtags in order and only then continue with your hashtag-free image description.

Describe in detail

Suppose you have dedicated yourself to the topic of “weight loss”. Photos from the gym, healthy meals, and before and after shots are great content in their own right, but without a good story behind them, you won’t reach your full potential.

Describe the rocky road, the listlessness that you fight every day, the sore muscles that slow you down, cravings, but also earlier teasing or frustrating shopping trips.

The more personal and honest you become, the more other users will open up to you. This can turn into a beautiful conversation that encourages both sides to keep going.

Integrate CTA

Many Instagram users are passive consumers. They literally soak up the impressions, but don’t even think about giving “their two cents”. It is only when they are directly asked to do something that they are more likely to take action.

The call-to-action at the end of each description is therefore crucial for more engagement. You don’t always have to flatly ask for a like. A question usually has much more effect and comments are weighted much more heavily than likes anyway because of the greater effort.

By the way, asking questions not only helps to increase the interaction rate. You can also learn a lot about your (potential) followers and take them into account in the future. Several people are also capitalizing the power of Influencer marketing to get instant recognition and better reach.

Join Instagram Pods

You are stronger in a pack than alone. Instagram pods are groups of up to fifteen users who have similar audiences and therefore work together. Any new post from a member will be posted to the group for the others to respond to.

Every like and every high-quality comment drives up the interaction rate, because now the respective followers also become aware of the post and react to it. In particularly favorable cases, the famous snowball effect sets in.

This not only gives you more likes and comments, but ultimately also new followers for your account – those who can actually identify with your content.

Instagram Follower Hack: The last word in wisdom

Would you still use the Instagram follower hack or would you rather use free Instagram followers? Without a doubt, this method seems to be the easiest, fastest, cheapest and most convenient method.

But enough of the superlatives. They won’t get you any further. Neither the 1,000,000 ghost followers nor certainly not the computer infected with viruses.

If you really want to be successful on Instagram and make money from it, you can’t spare the effort. After all, losing weight permanently without cravings and sweating is also utopian.

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