How to Find Your Roku IP Address Without a Remote or Wi-Fi Connection

Have you ever lost your Roku remote or the batteries went dead? Maybe you just want to access your Roku without connecting it to Wi-Fi. Whatever the reason, there’s an easy way to find the IP address of your Roku without using your remote control or connecting to Wi-Fi. In this article, I’ll show you how to find the IP address of your Roku device so you can connect directly from another device on your home network like your laptop or smartphone.

Finding the Model Number

You can find your Roku’s model number on its side panel (typically near where you’d plug in an HDMI cable). Simply look for numbers and letters and make note of it. You may have trouble reading it if you’re using any kind of mobile device, however, as there’s not always enough room for all of it to show up properly on a smaller screen. If that’s an issue, try plugging your device into your TV with an HDMI cable so you can see the model number more clearly. On devices like smartphones, however, simply snapping a picture with your phone will work well enough.

Finding the IP Address

The first thing you should do is consult your manufacturer’s documentation for any troubleshooting tips specific to your device. If you don’t have that, though, there are two ways you can find your Roku’s IP address. (Note: This is not how you locate an Apple TV’s IP address.) The easiest way is by connecting a computer directly to your router via Ethernet cable and going into Internet Settings on Windows (Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings on Mac). Once in here, right click on Local Area Connection and go down through Available Networks until you find DHCP Client ID.

Connecting to Your Wireless Network

The first thing you’ll need to do is connect your device directly to your wireless network. How you do that depends on what model of Roku you have, but here are some general instructions: On older models, such as the Roku 2 XS and HD, there’s an Ethernet port on one side of your device—connect an Ethernet cable from that port directly into your modem. (If you don’t have one, buy one.) On newer models—the Streaming Stick+, Ultra, Premiere+, and Premiere—there are no wired ports; instead, look for a small button on one side of your device with an image of a square with an arrow pointing inside.

Finding Your Wireless Password

The first thing you’ll need to do is find your wireless password. Although most routers are configured to broadcast their passwords, Roku won’t connect without entering it manually. First, log into your router using an Internet browser on your computer and visit its admin page. There should be a section where you can enter your router’s username and password. After you find these fields, enter admin for both fields (or whatever default settings were provided by your router manufacturer). Next, return to your Roku home screen and press Back until you arrive at channel list of installed channels.

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