How To Change Snooze Time On iPhone

How To Change Snooze Time On iPhoneI’m going to tell you how you can change the snooze time on your phone device.

Set over one Alarm to set your snooze time

It’s easy to schedule different alarms during your desired snooze interval. To do this, you’ll first need to disable the snooze setting on your existing Alarm. In this example, we will set our snooze interval for 5 minutes.

  • Open the Clock app.
  • Tap Alarm at the bottom.
  • Then tap + at the top right to create a new alarm.
  • For example set your preferred time to get up at 7 in the morning.
  • Disable snooze setting, then tap Save.
  • Tap + again and set a new alarm for 7:05 in the morning. Disable snooze setting and tap Save.
  • Add any additional alarms at any interval you like.

Third-party alarm clocks

Third-party iPhone alarm clock apps offer you custom snooze alarms, allowing you to ignore Apple’s alarm clock completely.

Here’s a look at some popular third-party alarm clock apps on how to change the snooze time.

Progressive Alarm 

Progressive alarms sound like beautiful Tibetan cows that slowly increase in volume to wake you up. To change the snooze setting in Progressive Alarm:

  • Open Progressive Alarm and tap Options.
  • Tap snooze time.
  • Choose your favourite snooze time (up to 30 minutes)


Named the “World’s Most Annoying Alarm App, “Alarm has many features to help get you out of bed. And, when you have to solve math problems or if you have to take a picture of your room to turn off the Alarm, it’s easy for you to customize the Snooze.

  • Open the Alarm and tap your favourite Alarm.
  • Tap Snooze.
  • Select your favourite from time to time and then tap Done.

Sleep Cycle 

The sleep cycle is a widespread smart alarm that uses patented sound technology to track your sleep. Besides its many sophisticated features, you can adjust your snooze time.

  • Open the sleep cycle and tap on the profile below.
  • Under Settings, tap More.
  • Under the Alarm, tap Snooze.
  • Tap regularly, then select your favourite interval (up to 20 minutes).

How to Change Your Default Snooze Time

In the iOS alarm clock app, no method to change the snooze time.

After the invention of the iPhone, breaking this 9-minute tradition is not such a big deal. However, you can try to get this functionally with some alternative options. iPhone Hidden Apps

Set Alarms with 9-Minute Snooze

According to a YouTube channel Apple, the reason behind the Snooze in 9 minutes is Apple’s tribute to the history of alarm hours. The snooze feature, first introduced by the Electric-Telechron company in 1956 in its analogue snooze alarm clock, has an exciting history.

How often can snooze phone?

When you Snooze on an alarm from your phone’s default clock app, the Alarm goes off for nine minutes. You cannot change how long your Alarm snoozes when applied to the clock.

What does turning off Snooze do?

Turning off snoozing is obvious. If you will Snooze a new alarm/edit, turn off the snooze option then Save the Alarm. Instead, you’ll be able to set the Alarm.

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