How Much Do Tiktokers Earn?

TikTok has now scattered around the globe. If you’re a person over 35 years old, you probably must have been unfamiliar with TikTok. Or if you’ve heard about Tiktok, then you wouldn’t know about its predecessors. In this article, We will be sharing insights about how much money do tiktokers make in 2022.

The first app was Dubsmash, where people made videos while dancing or shooting a minute video. If you’re a teen or a tween, then you will be into making Tik Tok videos, and probably girls are primarily interested in making Tik Tok videos. 

Although it wasn’t trendy at the start, Youtube was the best place to run a channel and earn money. 

But then developers came up with ideas like and then Tik Tok, which has the same system as Dubsmash but here, people could monetize their account after reaching a high follower baseline. 

Even today, TikTok is not developed to provide the same or more money than typical YouTubers earn. If you have more subscribers, you can run ads that will let you make money on youtube. 

However, the fact can not be denied that Tiktok has gained a massive fan following over the years and is looking to grow and become better in the future. We have recently analyzed that TikTok has touched an incredible user download of 1,000,000,000+. 

In 2018, TikTok was ranked number one of Apple app stores because of the immediate spike in user downloads. 

Many users have started making their channels and publishing short videos while doing anything. It can be crazy, thought of out of the box, and can be very simple as well. 

The users are not earning a hefty amount from TikTok, but they can still pay off their monthly expenses. 

If the users love your content, you’re probably close to getting a project from any brand’s company for advertising their products, letting you make more money.

TikTok has over 37 million users from the USA. Due to some political instability between the relations of the USA with China, the Tik Tok company’s owner is looking to sell some part of it to the American company, including Microsoft Oracle and others, etc. 

This way, the company will keep retaining its users from the U.S. Users that spend more than eight hours a month on Tik Tok, then there are high chances that they can earn more than $5 million.

Many users worldwide are using TikTok as a hobby. Many are pursuing it for social media marketing, and many are intended to start their brand and advertise it through Tik Tok. 

During the beginning of the pandemic, many people were unemployed, and many students did not have any activity. So, they then moved to Tik Tok for earning and fun time purposes. 

We all are aware of the famous American TikToker Khaby Lame. He was fired from his job during the pandemic, and what inspired everyone was that he entered the world of Tik Tok. 

He started making videos where he would react to a lame video where people try to perform a challenge the wrong way, and Khaby is correcting it by showing how it should be done. 

Today Khaby is listed at the top of the TikTok influencers along with Zach King, Charli D’Amelio, Loren Gray, and has a net worth of more than $2 million. 

Let’s look at how TikToker is making money. 

Key Ways to Make Money on TikTok

Please keep in the knowledge that you have to be at least 16 years of age before monetizing your account and earning money directly, but you have to have your parents’ consent upon this. At 18, you are legal to deal with the brands and third-party clients directly. 


When people were making videos on, if the users loved someone’s content, they would give them coins. The transfer of coins is known as gifting.

When you have a respectable amount of coins in your vault, you can cash it in real. These coins are the virtual currency in Tik Tok as well, and users usually buy coins and transfer them to those content creators whose content they like the most. 

These coins have different packages with a price range that varies depending on the situation.

Brand Partnerships and Influencer Marketing

When you have invested considerable time in making videos and reaching followers of more than 1000 users, you can contact brands for advertisements.

Sometimes, the brands also keep an eye on the user whose engagement with their followers is the most, then they contact those people for advertisements. 

But you don’t have to feel that you’re unlucky. You can always do affiliate marketing with the brands if no one contacts you. 

Selling Merchandise

Selling merchandise is also a way to earn a handsome amount. You can set up a store on Shopify or Amazon, or any other marketplace and sell your merchandise to your audience. 

The initial step for selling merchandise is to build a massive social media community. When you’re done building up the community, you can start making a store on any social media marketer to sell your merchandise. 

You can also advertise your merchandise. If you haven’t started your inventory, you can collaborate with another user, promote theirs, and receive a dividend for it. 

Apart from all this, while promoting products and your merchandise, you have to be careful. The audience coming to Tik Tok does not intend to watch ads to make your content attractive while promoting your products to not sound like an advertisement show.

How Much Do TikTokers Earn In Month?

The amount Tiktokers make depends upon the following they have. An average Tik Tok with a decent fan following can earn from $200 to $500 a month. 41% of the users on Tik Tok are aged from 16 to 25.

This generation is known as generation Z, striving to achieve more sets of brands by their social media influencing skills than a person in his 30s. 

Those with more than 1 million can have a net worth of more than $1million. The people with this fan following don’t usually have a benchmark of their earnings.

They are usually contacting different brands from around the globe to promote their products. Some brands demand their products advertised on Tik Tok, while some like to advertise them on television.

The Tik Tok industry doesn’t go off the variety of products. When you reach a specific followers threshold, you are always welcome to promote any product you think you can easily promote. 

The point that determines an influencer’s potential earning is how the influencer engages with the audience to boost its sales.

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