Fortnite Leaks and Upcoming Content

Look forward to new stuff in the game

Cultural-phenomenon-slash-video-game Fortnite is still going strong despite the waning interest in the game. It is still fun and adrenaline-filled, plus, with LTMs and the Creative Mode, you’re not always doing the same things over and over again. With all kinds of skins and events coming up, there’s always something interesting going on in Fortnite. Here are some of the things to look forward to for your Fortnite account.

Take note that these are leaks and might be subject to change or delays in release.

New Skins

There are always some new skins coming to the Fortnite Item Shop. The most popular leaks are John Cena’s Peacemaker skin from Suicide Squad, King Shark, and Weasel as well. An Uzumaki Naruto skin also is rumored to come soon. It stems from a tip-off that Epic Games recently acquired the rights to the anime character.

Recently, the Morty skin got released, and the iconic duo is now together again in the game. Despite being only 14, Morty’s mech gives him a rather intimidating appearance. Since it also came with a new emote, we can expect the other upcoming skins to have similar bundles.

One last skin of note is the Galaxy Grappler skin. It will be first made available through an event only those who have a Samsung Galaxy S21 can participate in. Later, the skin will come to the item shop, so you’re not gonna miss out even without the device.

Places of Interest Changes

The Coral Castle has been abducted, leaving behind sandy ruins. Leaks suggest that some pyramid or other desert structures will appear in the sand soon. Some lines in the code refer to a change in the Misty Meadows. 

The game gives hints that Dr. Slone and the Imagined Order have a plan to crash the Mothership. Is Misty Meadows going to be the crash site? It seems likely, according to the leaker, but who knows if it is the crash site or the Meadows will just get abducted as well?

Other Very Tentative Leaks

One leaker found something about a ‘Cube Digital Reveal’ event. Like the former cube event, there’s probably going to be another cube and another change to the map. Last time’s event happened at the end of the Halloween celebration, so it’s reasonable to expect another one for this year.

Events like this can only be experienced once, so don’t miss the opportunity! While it may have some resemblance to the former event, expect that things won’t happen in the same way as last time. Plus, it might have an effect on the invasion and the future story arcs, as well. 

Looking Forward to More Fun and Enjoyable Times in Fortnite

Again, content may be subject to change, so take leaks with a grain of salt. It is, however, exciting to think about. The new skins, events, and seasons ramp up the anticipation. From the memes (such as poking fun at John Cena’s catchphrase) to the speculation on the story, it gives a sense of community and expectation.

Even through the current ‘scandal’ or the declining interest, Epic Games hasn’t stopped caring about the game. A game can only be ‘killed’ when suddenly nobody plays it. That’s not going to happen to Fortnite anytime soon. With all these things lined up and an interesting current LTM, there’s always something to come back to in the game.
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Latecomers can catch up to veterans by grabbing a Fortnite account for sale, though please be aware that that may have unwanted consequences.

Also, with the pandemic still raging, there’s not much else to do. Not to say that people will stop playing Fortnite once we can go out. The freedom to go out would eat up the time to play instead. That’s a good thing! It’s unhealthy for people to sit around in front of a screen, and we’ve been cooped up for too long. Unfortunately, the virus is still kicking with vigor.

Anyway, keep on enjoying Fortnite, and look forward to new content!

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