[FIXED] SWTOR Won’t Launch/Open/Load Error

Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is an immensely popular MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. However, like any complex software, it’s not uncommon for players to encounter issues, such as the SWTOR won’t launch/open/load error. If you’re facing this frustrating problem, fear not! In this article, we will explore the most effective solutions to fix the issue and get you back to the galaxy far, far away.

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Check System Requirements

Before delving into any troubleshooting, it’s essential to verify that your system meets the minimum requirements to run SWTOR. Ensure that your computer has enough RAM, a compatible graphics card, and sufficient disk space to accommodate the game’s files. If your system falls short of the requirements, it might result in launch issues.

Verify Game Files Integrity

Corrupted game files can often lead to launch errors. To resolve this, you can use the repair function within the game launcher to verify the integrity of the game files. The launcher will identify any corrupt files and automatically download the correct versions.

Update Graphics Drivers

Outdated graphics drivers are a common culprit behind various gaming issues, including launch errors. Visit your graphics card manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers suitable for your card model and operating system. Updating the drivers can potentially resolve the problem.

Run as Administrator

Sometimes, launching the game with administrative privileges can bypass certain conflicts with the operating system’s security settings. Right-click on the game’s executable file, select “Run as administrator,” and check if it launches without any errors.

Disable Antivirus and Firewall Temporarily

Antivirus or firewall software may mistake SWTOR’s game files for potentially harmful content, leading to blocked execution. Try disabling your antivirus and firewall temporarily before launching the game. Remember to enable them again once the game starts successfully.

Clear Temporary Files

Accumulated temporary files on your system can interfere with the game’s proper functioning. Use the built-in Disk Cleanup tool on Windows or the equivalent utility on macOS to remove temporary files and free up disk space.

Check Internet Connection

A stable internet connection is vital for launching an online game like SWTOR. Ensure that your internet connection is active and not facing any disruptions. Consider restarting your modem or router if needed.

Disable Background Applications

Background applications, especially resource-intensive ones, can interfere with the game’s performance. Close unnecessary programs and background processes before launching SWTOR to free up system resources.

Reinstall the Game

If all else fails, a clean reinstall of SWTOR might be necessary. Uninstall the game, restart your computer, and then download and install the latest version of the game from the official website.


Encountering the SWTOR won’t launch/open/load error can be a frustrating experience for any player. However, armed with the right knowledge and troubleshooting steps, you can quickly resolve the issue and get back to your exciting adventures in the Star Wars universe. Remember to check your system requirements, update drivers, run the game as administrator, and consider any potential conflicts with antivirus or firewall software. By following these steps, you’ll be back in the game in no time!


1. Why does SWTOR fail to launch on my computer?

Several reasons can lead to this issue, including insufficient system resources, corrupted game files, or conflicts with antivirus software. Try the suggested solutions in the article to resolve the problem.

2. Can I play SWTOR on a low-end PC?

While SWTOR has relatively modest system requirements, playing on a low-end PC may result in performance issues. Ensure your system meets the minimum requirements for a smooth gaming experience.

3. Is SWTOR free to play?

SWTOR offers a free-to-play option with certain restrictions. However, players can also opt for a subscription-based model that unlocks additional features and benefits.

4. How often does SWTOR receive updates?

The game developers regularly release updates, patches, and new content for SWTOR to enhance gameplay and address issues reported by the community.

5. Can I transfer my SWTOR account to a different platform?

As of the latest information available, SWTOR account transfers between platforms are not officially supported. Players can access their accounts on the platform they initially registered on.

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