Enthusan: the word that describes me best

As soon as I learned about the word enthusan, I realized it described me perfectly. The etymology of the word comes from the French enthousiasme and Greek enthusiasmos, both of which mean having god in you or inspired by god. Needless to say, if you know me personally, you know that my enthusiasm level is always set to 11. Everything I do — whether it’s going out to eat at a restaurant or writing this blogpost — I do with gusto!

Enthusiastic about books

Here’s how to spot an enthusan (it’s not as hard as you might think) and a few other characteristics of us book-lovers. It doesn’t matter if you call us bibliophiles, mavens or just book nerds—we’re all probably also part of one larger community known as enfan. An academically defined term, Enthusalism refers to a condition in which people display enthusiasm about things outside their everyday life. This condition has a number of varying degrees; however, even if you have never called yourself an enthusaist—you may still be one!

Enthusiastic about writing

What do I love to do? Write! Writing is an essential part of my life, and I thoroughly enjoy it. When you enjoy something, you become better at it. So, now writing is what I’m great at because it’s something I genuinely have a lot of enthusiasm for. Enthusiastic + enthusiastic = enthusan. Obviously! Am I making sense? Maybe not, but that doesn’t matter—my enthusiasm will fuel my work so much that everything will turn out right in the end! If only there was such a thing as being too enthusiastic…

Enthusiastic about my job

One of my coworkers, a guy named Mark, once pointed out that I might be an enthusan. I thought it was a pretty cool word, especially because it means someone who is passionate about his or her job. This enthusiasm usually shines through in my work. For example, I always make sure to send clear and thoughtful emails back to my clients. Also, any tasks related to my position are generally done early and with great care. Although having Enthusiastic as part of your name may sound like a distraction at first (kind of like being Breezy Bodega), if you live up to its meaning—and strive to pass it on to others around you—it’s easy to see how incredibly useful Enthusiastic can be!

Enthusiastic about growing my income

How can you start to become more enthusiastic about growing your income? First, commit to change. Next, be bold and take steps forward in new areas of your life. For example, to really focus on growing my income, I will look for three ways I can earn more income from my day job. Then, I will write down one goal for each area and share these goals with at least one person who can help hold me accountable for moving forward. To get started, check out nine steps for increasing personal income on our site by clicking here! It’s time to live life as an Enthusan!

Enthusiastic about helping others succeed

When I first started writing, I had no idea what an Enthusan was. It’s been years since my mentor explained it to me, but I remember thinking I should definitely start telling people I’m an Enthusan! That’s way better than calling myself a writer. Heck, everyone wants to be enthusiastic about something, so people will be drawn to us for sure! Who wouldn’t want to know more about how we can help them? And honestly… if your desire is just to help others succeed… why not? So here you go! Enjoy and keep thriving!

Enthusiastic about creating an idea ecosystem in my community

Enthusiastic is an adjective which means filled with or characterized by enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is defined as a feeling of excited anticipation for something expected to be especially enjoyable. Enthuisasm, when harnessed, can change your community one idea at a time. You do not need all these skills and abilities, but if you want to help others understand why they should get involved in their community – then read on! 1) Introduction – what is an idea ecosystem? 2) Why build it? 3) Where will it happen? 4) How will we build it? 5) How will we maintain it? 6) What else should I know about building an idea ecosystem? 7) Conclusion 8) References 9) Appendix A – Example Idea Ecosystems 10) Appendix B – Idea Ecosystem Readiness Assessment 11) Appendix C – Sample Project Proposal 12) Reference List 13). Bibliography

Putting enthusiasm into action!

It’s not just about being enthusiastic—it’s also about taking action. Enthusiasm is such a powerful emotion and driving force because when we really, truly believe in something or someone, it propels us to take action. I find that most people are willing to put up with so much negativity (from others or from their own negative self-talk) but don’t seem as enthusiastic about getting positive results for themselves. Your enthusiasm has power and if you choose to put it behind a goal or idea, you’ll get much further than you thought possible. So, start acting like an enthusan!

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