Do you Need A Humidifier for Cigar Cabinet?

When it comes to cigar, it has always been in Trend. Many people belonging to different countries of the world use it. Those who are the users of cigar, they know that cigar storage is really an important thing. HD this needs to be kept at controlled temperature. Cigars are stored at specific moisture level so as to keep them fresh for a longer period and to maintain that humidity level, you need a humidifier for the current Cabinet. At Lumbuy, you can find the most suitable product for your needs in this regard.

What is Humidor Humidifier?

When it comes to Humidor Humidifier, it is actually a storage container that is used to maintain a specific humidity level that is required to store cigars. Cigars actually contain tobacco leaves that have the property to expand and contract according to the humidity level around them. If you put your cigars at very high temperature then it will turn into Ash and will become useless for you. At extremely high temperature, it will even lose its flavour and aroma. On the other side, if you to store them at wet or extremely moist place even then cigar will not be stored in its best condition. Humidor humidifiers are actually available in different sizes and shapes and these are mostly found in cigar shops. They store cigars for longer period of time well keep it fresh just like a new cigar.

How do humidor humidifiers work?

Do you want to explore the working of Humidor Humidifiers? Its entire working is basically to maintain the humidification system. This system can be either simple or complex and it actually depends on the size of the humidifier. Basically, the humidifier works to preserve the specific Aroma and flavour of the cigar and for this purpose, it has to maintain the specific moisture level to the humidor. To store the cigar at the optimal condition, most of the humidors maintain 70% humidity level.

Types of Humidifiers:

There are different types of humidifiers for example, a sponge, floral foam, crystal gel, electronic humidifiers, etc.

  • Sponge- You can soak a sponge in distilled water and it will release the moisture in that area. Distilled water is actually used to prevent mold and Minerals to the humidor.
  • Floral Foam- it is actually a green foam that is used for flower arrangements in different events and for decoration. The property of this Floral foam is that it can hold plenty of water and retains it for longer period. This water is gradually released from the foam but the problem is that, if this foam is kept for longer time, it starts absorbing the aroma of cigar.
  • Crystal gel beads- another type of humidifier is crystal gel beads. Crystal gel beads are small beads that have the capacity of holding the water weight of more than 5000 times of their original weight. This water is released slowly and slowly so as to keep the area moisturized.
  • Electronic humidifiers- these are actually the safest types of humidifiers. Electronic humidifiers are basically small machines and these are mostly used in large humidors where big quantity of cigars is stored.

All these types of humidifiers, you have to identify which one is suitable for your needs but if you use an electronic humidifier, it will automatically set the moisture at the required level.

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