Comparing Centricity EMR Vs Athenahealth for your practice, pick the best

You’ve found the perfect site if you’re seeking a detailed comparison of Centricity Software vs. AthenaHealth EMR. In this post, we analyze both methods in great detail to help you decide which is best for your practice. So, let’s continue reading. 

Centricity EMR? 

GE Healthcare developed Centricity EMR to assist physicians in managing patient care and enhancing clinical results. Clinical decision assistance, medication management, and order entry are just a few of the services offered by Centricity EMR. 

Medical institutions now have a software option with Centricity EMR that they can utilize independently or combine with their own practice management systems. The solution’s seamless integration with a hospital or clinic’s operations gives them flexibility for expansion. You don’t need to be concerned about the security of your data because

Centricity EMR’s hosting takes care of all HIPAA compliance needs on their end. Additionally, Centricity EMR adheres to HIPAA requirements by securely storing customer data. 

Centricity EMR Features 

  • Patient Information Overview 
  • One-Click Problem Entry 
  • ICD-9 & 10 Code Predictive Search 
  • Automatic Code Mapping 
  • Customizable Templates 
  • Quick Text  
  • Dictation 
  • Workflow Automation 
  • E-Prescribing 
  • Quality Dashboard 
  • Clinical Quality Reporting 
  • Pre-Built Meaningful Use Forms 
  • Embedded Checklist 
  • Meaningful Use Consulting Services 
  • Online Patient Portal 
  • Collaboration Tools 
  • Reporting Functions 

Why prefer Centricity EMR? Let’s check 

The extensive feature set of Centricity EMR speeds up the process of documenting patient contacts and other data entry chores. Users can conduct other tasks with their hands free because the software allows dictation. In addition, code mapping is automated after the diagnosis is entered, saving doctors from having to look for the appropriate codes manually. 

Providers and non-providers can collaborate using Centricity EMR’s standard interface. This solution enables users to work on a record in tandem with having their revisions or inputs appear instantly on the screens of their partners. In addition, this solution shortens the time needed for editing and updating so that everyone on the team can act immediately. 

This feature allows doctors to prescribe medications to their patients more quickly. The information is relayed rapidly, and patients immediately hear the doctor’s orders. In addition, they can receive prescription refill requests and receipts without going to the doctor’s office. 

The Centricity Care EMR has a Quality Care dashboard that allows users to monitor the caliber of healthcare establishments. This enables them to evaluate their offerings compared to industry norms to guarantee that they only offer the most excellent care to their patients. 

Patients can take a more active role in their healthcare using Centricity EMR. They can see their medical history through the web portal and communicate with their doctor online. Additionally, medical professionals can inform their patients by providing information about any ailments they may have or preventative actions, as well as a reminder of their appointments. They use this to maintain the health of their patients conveniently. 

A scalable solution, Centricity EMR can easily interact with various medical practice interfaces. GE offers assistance in building these interfaces to ensure that all systems can function properly without interfering with workflow. In addition, this solution gives providers and those who are not providers access to an EMR solution that integrates nicely with other systems they already use. 

About AthenaHealth? 

AthenaHealth is a complete electronic health records (EHR) platform that includes practice management and care coordination for doctors, hospitals, and medical organizations. AthenaHealth EHR is made up of five different products: Athenaclinicals, AthenaCollector, AthenaCommunicator, AthenaCoordinator, and AthenaClarity.

Athenaclinicals, the software’s clinical charting platform for electronic medical records, handles users’ requirements for practice management, while AthenaCollector handles those requirements. Through AthenaCommunicator, physicians may connect with patients and other medical professionals via a communications platform.

Athenacoordinator makes it simple to share information and transmit orders. The data analytics module available to AthenaClarity users enables them to do population health management, care management, and financial and operational management tasks.

AthenaHealth assists providers in rapidly achieving compliance by offering products and services that abide by HIPAA regulations.

AthenaHealth Features 

  • Electronic Health Records 
  • Medical Billing 
  • Patient Engagement 
  • Order Transmission 
  • Secure Text Messaging 
  • Epocrates 
  • Revenue Cycle Management 
  • Care Coordination 
  • Population Health 

How AthenaHealth can improve your practice?

With its athenaclinicals module, essentially the suite’s full-service electronic health records (EHR) database, AthenaHealth streamlines and simplifies medical recordkeeping. As a result, doctors are spared the suffering that results from sorting through hundreds of file drawers to find patient records. Instead, all documents have been transferred to the cloud, where doctors may effortlessly and rapidly access them. In addition, the module is cost-free and constantly updated. 

Without you having to sift through countless medical papers and data, Athenaclinicals ensures that you always have the required documents. 

Through web messaging or email, Athenacommunicator gives patients instant access to their doctor’s office. In addition, an after-hours phone service can be set up for rapid support for unique patients who need particular care. Athenacommunicator also assists patients and doctors in creating the most effective schedules for follow-up appointments to lower the incidence of no-shows and missed patient visits dramatically. 

Practice management, a sizable rules database, and back-office services into one platform by AthenaCollector. This module was created primarily to aid doctors in processing their claims. Doctors can save valuable time using AthenaCollector instead of mailing and processing claims. The labor-intensive tasks, including managing denials, tracking shares, and determining patient eligibility, are all handled by the software. 

Price comparison Centricity EMR vs. Athenahealth 

The software solutions Centricity EMR and Athenahealth EHR are excellent choices for clinicians. Both software platforms provide a wealth of capabilities and advantages. Software from Centricity EMR is available as a subscription, starting at $12 per user per month. Additionally, there is a $2000 one-time installation cost. 

Athenahealth EMR is a subscription-based program with a monthly price of $150 for each physician. Additionally, there is a $2000 one-time installation cost. 

The more expensive choice, though, is Athenahealth. Centricity EMR could be the superior alternative if you seek a reasonable solution. 

Final thought! 

The software you choose depends entirely on your practice needs and spending strategy. In terms of optimizing procedures, reducing administrative duties, and improving physician-patient contact, Centricity EMR and Athena medical software have much to offer their clients. Additionally, patient billing, revenue cycle management, and clinical reporting can all be done with Centricity software.

The Athena solution provides a broader range of features, including population health services and revenue cycle management. Finally, each solution offers the freedom to customize a plan to your organization’s size and needs in terms of pricing. However, to obtain a more precise and better idea of the functionality offered by both systems, we still advise you to view the demo.

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