Nsc11 Pro Water Softener Review

Water softeners have become inevitable due to the increased deposition of salts in household water. With the innovation of water softeners, it has become feasible to get rid of hard water. It would be best to be mindful before investing in a water softener, as it is essential to check for its proper functioning. Mostly, … Read more

PS5 Review: Should You Buy It?

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Best Headphone Brands Review

Choosing the right headphones can be difficult. On one hand, you want to ensure that your investment will produce clear, high-quality sound that allows you to enjoy your music or audiobooks at its best. On the other hand, if your headphones are too uncomfortable, it doesn’t matter how good they sound! How do you know … Read more

Review of the Blackberry Key2

The Blackberry Key2 has been out for over a month now, so it’s time to review it and see how it stacks up against its competitors. First off, the design is quite pleasing to the eye, but unlike other Blackberry devices, the Key2 does not have any buttons on the front of the phone—instead, you … Read more

MagicPin App Review

Billed as ‘the app that makes trading pins fun!’, come and take a look at our MagicPin review. What is MagicPin? MagicPin is an app that you can download at the App Store or Play Store which features pins from your favourite childhood cartoons and movies. It’s more than just a place where you can … Read more