How to Secure Your Mobile Device in Six Steps

The rapidly changing technology and portability of mobile devices have forced people to heavily rely on those products. With their increased functionalities, mobile devices carry out a number of our day-to-day activities, such as surfing the web, booking appointments, setting up reminders, sharing files, instant messaging, video calling, and even mobile banking. Given all these … Read more

How To Create A New Profile In Facebook

Creating a Facebook profile takes but five minutes, and it’s the primary step required once advertising on Facebook. Facebook needs that everyone’s advertising is done from a user account. Facebook has modified a bit since I initially signed up for an account in 2008. Back then, Facebook was still known as “The Facebook”, and my … Read more

How To Download Maps On Google Maps

Download maps on google maps you’ll only be able to access driving directions, since transit, bicycling, and walking directions are only available online. Google updated Maps last year to support the ability tosearch for places and get turn-by-turn driving directions  among other additions. To access your offline map, just use Google Maps normally. When you … Read more

How To Delete Gcash Account ?

You no longer wish to use Gcash, and now all you want to deactivate your Gcash account? If yes, then read on. GCash is one of the most popular apps in the Philippines. It helps you to pay bills, perform cashless transactions, and so on. However, there are quite a lot of users who no … Read more

How To Password Protect Google Sheets?

Gone are the days when Microsoft Office would be on every computer, and why would that not be? It offered everything that you would need. However, in today’s time, Google’s office suite is just better. There is no need to install anything. Also, it offers you all the sheet features that you would need. But … Read more

How to Use and Set up a Spotify Premium Duo Account

Spotify just launched the Spotify Premium Duo subscription plan. The new subscription tier is intended for couples or two people to share a Spotify account while enjoying the individual benefits. Both will have a premium account on the music streaming service but the price tag is way cheaper than having two separate premium plans. This is the latest offering from Spotify … Read more

How to Undo Send Emails in Outlook

There are several advantages to using an Outlook account. You can search your mailbox, recall emails, share files, and more. And it comes with a high level of security. But what if you accidentally sent an email? Well, there are a few steps you can take to undo it. To begin, you will need to … Read more

How to Master Your Keyboard: The Ultimate Guide

Keeping your computer in good condition at all times is important, no matter what brand you are using. Now when we say computers, it covers everything that you have on the desk, including a laptop, desktop, external storage drives, cables, keyboard, and other peripherals. The article is dedicated to keyboard cleaning and optimization tips to … Read more