Best 8 Ecommerce Websites in the World in 2022

In this article, we have listed down the top 8 e-commerce websites across the globe. Also, we have covered the e-commerce app development cost. 

Ready to explore? Let’s begin.  

  1. Amazon

One of the biggest online e-commerce platforms is none other than Amazon. In recent years, Amazon has gained immense popularity due to offering a wide range of exceptional functionality and diversity. 

Other than that, Amazon is the hot-selling platform that features services of IT, cloud computing, gaming, books, technology, and music. 

Fundamentally, Amazon has equipped with six different business models. Namely, online arbitrage, private label, dropshipping, wholesale, retail arbitrage, and handmade items.

Via these distinct business models, sellers can sell a wide range of goods without any difficulty. Furthermore, this platform allows third-party sales as well as offer marketing services. 

Above all, Amazon features numerous categories to list any sort of products/services. 

  • eBay 

Another prominent and famous e-commerce platform is eBay. eBay also provides an opportunity for its registered sellers to showcase any of their products or services. Though, some categories are not available on eBay like Amazon. 

In general, eBay is a B2C (business to consumer) and a C2C (consumer to consumer) online marketplace. This platform allows both retailers and purchasers to buy and sell services.

Other than that, eBay has also been fortified with six distinct business models. For instance, dropshipping, wholesaling, retail arbitrage, deep niche, liquidation/surplus, and reselling. 

In a nutshell, eBay is the second largest online shopping platform after Amazon. And, it has gained huge success in the last few years.  

  • Alibaba

Another big name in the e-commerce industry is Alibaba. This platform caters to both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) markets. Besides, this tremendous platform connects exporters with customers from more than 200 countries worldwide. 

Alibaba is a highly accessible platform for retailers, merchants, whole-sellers, SMEs, and manufacturers. Now, customers can easily shop for their favorite products through this platform without making any challenging efforts. 

Moreover, importers can import various accessories from any part of the world. In addition to that, Alibaba offers a wide range of other services, including VAT refund, logistic services, trade financing, and customs clearance. 

This platform is free to use. However, sellers are required to pay an additional amount in order to get access to extra services, such as unlimited product listings and improved site exposure. 

All in all, Alibaba is an outstanding e-commerce platform in order to sell goods. Customers are in love with this platform due to its user-friendly interface, reliability, detailed return/exchange policy, and diversity in products. 

  • Walmart 

Walmart is another giant e-commerce website. It is located in the USA and was established in 1994. Basically, Walmart offers an exclusive range of inventories, such as cheap departmental stores, grocery shops, and hyper shopping markets. 

Some of the most common accessories that are easily accessible by are git items, music systems, electronic gadgets, fashion-related stuff, and music. Moreover, Walmart provides services of cloud computing, gaming, audio and video streaming, and much more. 

  • Etsy 

Etsy is another popular e-commerce platform with an international reach. This platform takes a little fee from the sellers in order to list their wares or services. Apart from that, Etsy takes a small commission on every sale. 

In general, the product categories that are usually available on Etsy are handmade jewelry, craft supplies and tools, clothing, toys, and games. 

Etsy offers sellers to sell their specialized services. However, they charge additionally to avail of those services. Also, with this platform, sellers can market their products easily. Plus, they can run marketing campaigns, too.

Above all, Etsy allows merchants to create their stores and sell all sorts of products and services. Also, you can sell digital paintings and templates on this platform. 

  • Ali Express 

Ali Express is another huge e-commerce website. Visitors from any part of the world can buy directly from distributors of China and any other region via this platform. 

Ali Express usually covers international retailers and customers from Brazil, Russia, Spain, and United Kingdom. 

Typically, this platform earns via commissions depending upon the products sold. Mostly, the fee lies between 5% to 8% of the total transaction. 

Moreover, this program takes a one-time cost i.e., $1500, in order to register for your store. Plus, you need to pay some amount to upgrade your business on this platform. 

  • Mercado Livre 

Mercado Livre is the biggest online shopping platform located in Brazil. This platform allows merchants to sell vehicles and properties. Besides, this platform helps buyers and sellers to interact and exchange information. 

The most distinctive benefit of using this program is that it allows American vendors to sell their commodities in the international market, such as in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and the bay area. To top it off, Mercado Livre allows transactions in USD. That means, purchasers and sellers don’t need to stress about converting currency. 

  • works similarly to This platform manages 1800 stores all across the USA. Generally, is an online shop that sells almost everything ranging from foods, groceries, medicines, health and fitness supplements, and much more. 

Overall, this platform offers a wide range of great deals on numerous products and services. Plus, you can find a multitude of products on this platform. And, that too under cost-effective rates.  

How much does it cost to develop an e-commerce app? 

There is no definitive e-commerce app development cost mentioned anywhere on Google. However, there are some factors that will be helpful in order to estimate the price of building an e-commerce app. 

Following are the factors that help to decide the cost of an app;

  • Target audience, platform, frameworks
  • Features and functions
  • Challenges and technicalities involved in creating an app 
  • Location of a development company
  • Your budget and the stipulated time to roll out the app 

Fundamentally, these are the factors that help to determine the cost. In general, most web design companies charge between $50,000 to $70,000 or more based on the factors above. 

Also, some companies charge $30,000 or less if you opt for an app with minimum features. Also known as Minimum Viable Product (MVP).  Planning about developing an e-commerce website for your industry? You can collaborate with any company in NJ for web design services. 

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