How To Type Approximately Symbol ?

Typing the approximately symbol on the keyboard is not difficult. In this way, not only can you appear professional, but you also work much more efficiently. With these useful keyboard shortcuts you save yourself long searches in the symbol list of your word processing program, such as Word. So today in this article we will explain you how to type approximately symbol.

◆ How to type approximately symbol ?

To enter the approximate symbol using the keyboard, first open your writing program. Do not confuse the tilde symbol (~) displayed on the keyboard with the approximate symbol. In mathematics, the tilde is the symbol for proportionality.

For the approximate symbol “≈”, first hold down the [alt] key. Then press the digits 247 one after the other on the numeric keypad. Release the [alt] key so that ˜ appears.

If you only need the symbol once in your document and the key combination should not work for you, simply copy the symbol into your document using copy & paste . You can find the character codes under Windows 10 by entering “Character table” in the search bar. The code of the approximate sign is “U + 2248”.

If you want to type now on your device, copy and paste the symbols below.

Nearly equal sign


● How to type approximately symbol on a personal computer ?

The most reliable way to enter approximately symbol on your computer is to convert the “=” symbol (confirmed on Windows). Follow the steps below to convert.

Press the “half-width / full-width” key to switch to input mode.
Enter “=”

Press the space bar (several times) to convert to “≒”.

For “=”, hold down the Shift key and press the key to the right of the number key 0 at the top of the alphabet.

● How to type approximately symbol on iPhone ?

For iPhone, if you enter “approximately” or “approximately”, “≒” will appear as a conversion candidate.

Also, if you enter “=” from the 6 position of the number pad , “≒” will appear as a conversion candidate.

◆ How to find rare symbols in Word ?

In Microsoft Word, you can find the approximate symbol and other, even rarer symbols, by selecting the “Insert” option in the menu bar at the top.

In the menu bar click on “Symbol” in the right area. Here you will normally find all the symbols and special characters you need. The corresponding keyboard shortcut is also displayed in the list.

If you would like to switch between different languages ​​on the keyboard, you can also easily set this language setting using a keyboard shortcut or you can install additional languages

◆ What is approximately symbol ?

Meaning of approximately means almost equal. Expressed using the symbols ” ≒ ” or ” ≈ “.

English Neary ( Nearly meaning) is “approximately”, equal ( Equal ) is the meaning of “equal”

Nearly equal sign


Consider the situation where you use Nearly Equal.

For example, suppose a recipe says that you use 10 g of salt to cook a dish for three people. You need one-third the amount of salt to cook one serving using this recipe, right? The weight is calculated as follows.

10 ÷ 3 = 3.3333…

Since 10 cannot be divisible by 3, the decimal point is a decimal number with 3 forever (recurring decimal). However, the scale weighs about 0.1 g each.

So basically you would use 3.3 g, rounded to the second decimal place of 3.3333… g. “approximately” values, such as the rounded rounds, are expressed using near-equal (≈ or ≈) as follows:

10 ÷ 3 ≒ 3.3

The above is how to use approximately

I’ve given an example of cooking here, but in fact, cooking doesn’t have to be this rigorous. It doesn’t matter if you weigh roughly by the scale, so you don’t have to worry about the weight after the decimal point.

However, when weighing reagents or calculating the length of materials that make up buildings in chemistry experiments, it is necessary to make approximate calculations under certain significant figures. In such a case, we use approximately ≒ to show that they are almost equal.

● Examples of using the approximately equal symbol

1) If we want to use the value of the root on 3 in decimal form we must necessarily proceed to an approximation. In fact, the root of 3 is a non-periodic decimal number and therefore a number with infinite decimal digits. Deciding to stop at the third decimal place we will then have to use the approximately equal symbol, and write

\ sqrt {3} \ simeq 1,732

2) In geometry problems the Greek number Pi occurs very often, which is an irrational number and therefore a non-periodic decimal number. So if we want to write the full value we have to use the approximately equal symbol; stopping at the second decimal place we will have

\ pi \ simeq 3.14

3) In the equivalences the approximately equal symbol plays a leading role. Very often, the conversion factors are numbers with many decimal digits, and for convenience, or because one is forced by the context, it is necessary to resort to approximate conversion factors and then use the approximately equal symbol.

For example, since 1 statute mile equals 1.609344 kilometers , you would have to multiply the number of miles by 1.609344 to convert miles to km . However, it is often preferred to use the conversion factor approximated to the second decimal place, and therefore it can be written, for example

1 \ mbox {mi} \ simeq 1,61 \ mbox {km}

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