A Career in Machine Techs

If you’re considering a career in Machine tech, you’ll be glad to know that the job outlook is excellent. This article will discuss salary expectations and education requirements. You can use the information to make a sound decision on a career path. Machine Techs specialize in industrial and CNC machinery. They also provide onsite troubleshooting and are available twenty-four hours a day.

Job Outlook

The employment outlook for machine techs is bright and should continue to grow. As more manufacturing machinery becomes automated, the demand for maintenance techs will increase. Technicians in the field may work on anything from ball bearings to air tools and compressors to bulldozers. They may also be placed in the construction and mining industries.

Machine Techs need to be proactive when troubleshooting equipment problems. This means that they need to identify issues and source information from other teams. They may also have to isolate the problems that affect a manufacturing line. In addition, they need to work with maintenance teams to keep the machinery running smoothly. They may also need to attend meetings with management and other departments to determine what needs to be done.

Employment of mobile heavy equipment mechanics is expected to increase by eight percent between 2016 and 2026. This is largely because more people will need to buy and use heavy equipment. Similarly, the employment of rail car repairers is expected to grow by five percent between 2016 and 2026. As railcars are used for freight shipping and public transportation, there will be more need for these professionals.

Automation technicians specialize in designing and troubleshooting equipment used in industrial processes. They can work with a variety of systems from simple fuses to programmable logic controllers and solid-state devices. They may also provide support to manufacturers by providing customer service and quality assurance.

Salary range

The salary range for a Machine Technician varies greatly depending on their location. In the United States, they can earn between $77,610 and $82,140 per year. The highest-paid individuals are employed by companies that manufacture products for the transportation industry. Others may work in private homes. In any case, the salary range for a Machine Tech is well within the range of many other occupations.

Salary increases are tied to experience, so the longer you’ve been working in this field, the higher your salary will be. Additionally, the cost of living in a city can affect the salary. If you work in a large metropolis, expect to earn a higher salary because the cost of living is generally higher.

The salary range for a Machine Technician varies widely. The lowest-paid earners make $26,500, while the highest earners make more than $60,000 a year. While the average Machine Tech salary is $48,000 a year, it varies significantly depending on your experience, location, and skills.

Education requirements

An education in machine repair is vital for a career in this field. These professionals are responsible for making sure the machines at a company run smoothly. They may also advance to supervisory positions. Some of them specialize in particular fields, such as automotive or electronics repair. These technicians must have a strong technical background and excellent problem-solving skills.

Industrial maintenance technicians perform repairs on a wide range of machines, including machinery and industrial equipment. They can read blueprints, design hydraulic and pneumatic circuits, and troubleshoot various systems. They must also be familiar with electrical and electronic systems, as well as single and three-phase circuits. They can also be certified to work in the refrigeration and power distribution industries.

A two-year associate’s degree is usually necessary for this job. The education can be in industrial maintenance or machining technology. Mechanics also need to learn mathematics and welding. In addition, they need to know how to use mills and blades. Further, they need to understand how to troubleshoot problems before they become more serious.

The most common educational requirement for a machine tech is an associate’s degree, though more advanced positions may require a B.S. or higher. In addition, some employers require a certain level of training for specific machines. For instance, biomedical equipment technicians may need additional training to repair advanced machines. Moreover, these workers often need to continue their education to stay up-to-date with changing technology.

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