5 reasons to join pmp certification in Toronto

A project management professional certification is one such course that helps you understand business policies and trains you in leadership and project management skills. A few of the reasons for joining PMP Certification Toronto are listed below.

  • Attractive Resume: When it comes to pmp certificates, it is said that pmp certificates hold much more credibility and value compared to a master’s degree. In the corporate world, if you are a newcomer, having a pmp certificate adds to the dignity and quality of your resume. The recruiters look for good leadership-providing candidates for which pmp certificate is a huge must-have for newcomers into the corporate industry. While you take aPMI Blog course your determination, commitment, efforts, and dedication is highlighted. These characteristics attract recruiters and would take you to better job opportunities.
  • Understanding the details of project management by heart: The pmp certificate gives you an idea and teaches you the basic alphabet of project management. Project management not only needs leadership skills but requires resources, project ideas, risks covered, assumptions made, finances, and the potential profit which is obtained from the project. All these criteria are taught through the pmp certificates and give you a first-hand trial on handling projects that give you prior practical knowledge about the certification.
  • High demand for project managers: According to service and statistical data, more than 40% of IT companies have revealed that they are interested in hiring certified project managers. It is known that IT companies or any other company, especially manufacturing companies have more than 50% vacancies for them. These high job opportunities might be enough to tell you that the demand for certified project managers will never end. It has been seen on a prize since the very beginning and would continue to do so in the future as well.
  • Global Exposure: According to global reports, PMP members are spreading across the globe. There are more than 8,00,000 members of the pmp association hence, it gives you exposure to the international market that is necessary for professional development. PMP conducts meetings annually where all PMP members meet and discuss the new project management strategies and programs that have been taking place across the globe. Learning opportunity for strategized project management is the key idea. Corporate strategy is developing day-by-day, and more efficient methods are being introduced. Thus, keeping up to date and keeping oneself young in this industry is very important. The pmp meetings provide special job opportunities that give any newcomer the benefits of foreign exposure.
  • Sign of dedication and commitment: When you are opting for jobs, one thing that recruiters look for is a sense of commitment and dedication towards a particular job. While you are obtaining pmp certificates, there are rigorous test and long hours of professional training that needs to be satisfied before you can sit for the examination. There are various audits conducted to ensure that the examinee is honest and unbiased in their documentation and professional training. Thus, when you would be having the pmp certificate in a resume, it would give your recruiter the point of view that you have proper dedication and determination towards your professional life.


All these above criteria are the reason why you should obtain pmp certifications. Doing tech jobs after college is also a good way of gaining corporate knowledge. The PMP certification is gaining popularity and has became a popular choice for project managers.

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