5 Ideas to Market your Health And Wellness Business

We aren’t immune to the growing health issues around the globe. People are looking at new ways to stay healthy and seeking assistance from health and wellness experts. 

Do you own a wellness business? 

While there are many who might seek your expertise, it is up to you to make yourself more approachable. How? With an intriguing marketing strategy. With the right tools and marketing tips, you can expand your health and wellness business and find relevant audiences that require your services. This article focuses on just that – the top 5 ideas to explore as a business in the health and wellness sector. 

Use videos to inform, educate and enlighten 

There is no denying the fact that influence videos have been attracting more and more people in recent times. From long to short videos and the recently growing micro-videos, there are several ways to use video content to attract and engage your audience.

You can use videos on social media, YouTube, emailers, and more for educating, informing and, sometimes, “infotaining” your existing and new audience base. 

But why videos? 

Studies indicate that people retain as much as 95% of what they see in a video. Medicine is already a complex subject, and many would prefer watching a video rather than reading text or seeing images when it comes to health and wellness. Plus, you have an opportunity to personalise your content when you look directly
into the camera and speak to the audience. The best part is, you can use a
free online video maker to create stunning videos relevant to the health and wellness industry. 

Are you using social media optimally? 

The latest data indicates that there are over 1.3 billion Instagram users and 2.9 billion Facebook users globally. It is evident that with such an expansive audience capture, you cannot leave social media out in your marketing pursuits. However, merely creating an account and posting inconsistent content will do more harm than good to your health and wellness brand. You must optimise your social media presence. Here are some things you can try —

  • Post relevant content regularly. For example — if you are a chiropractor, putting out videos about the back, neck, and body adjustments can expand your reach, and more and more people suffering from similar issues might find your content useful and approach you for further assistance. 
  • Use short-form videos like Reels on Instagram to point out quick fixes for common health issues. For example — 2 exercises to relieve back pain.  
  • Communicate with your social media audience. Reply to their comments, direct messages, and tweets. 

How does your google look? 

Saying that you need to have your health and wellness business listed on Google would be an understatement today. From timings to regular posts on Google My Business, you should be active on the platform. Additionally, you must insist that your customers leave Google reviews. If you get reviews, positive or negative, make sure that you reply to them. 

Here are some things you can do to streamline your Google My Business presence — 

  • Check the address. Open it on Google maps and see if the pin location is right. If not, simply move the pin to your location and send a request to review. 
  • Attach a link to your website, update your calling number and add a button to book appointments directly from Google. 
  • Add photos of your establishment – the more, the merrier. 
  • List all the services you provide in the description. 
  • Mention your working hours – normal and holidays. 

A strong Google My Business profile boosts SEO and helps you rank better on search engines. For reviews, refer to other sources including Yelp. 

Is your website mobile-friendly? 

More than 83% of the world’s population uses smartphones. What does that mean for your business website? Simply put, it needs to be mobile-friendly. Here are a few aspects you can consider to keep your website mobile user-friendly — 

  • Use low-quality images and embed video links rather than uploading them directly to reduce the loading speed of the website.  
  • Use mobile-appropriate fonts that can easily be read on a smartphone. 
  • Make navigating from one page to the other easy with clear tabs. 
  • Provide relevant information on each page of the website. For example — a page on asanas should only have information about that and not about back pain remedies. 
  • Security is also a growing concern. Hence, your website must be equipped with an SSL certification. 

Google prefers a website with higher mobile-friendliness. If your website is not ready for smartphones, you will lose a substantial audience base, and your online ranking will also be affected. 

Newsletters and email marketing 

Yes, finding a new client is important but what is more important is retaining the existing client base. Paid or unpaid, you must engage your existing client base with a variety of personalised content. Newsletters are the best way in which you can do so. Weekly or monthly newsletters can go out, depending on your availability, from your business to your leads. It can be an informative piece, a testimonial of a recent client or some upgrades you are making to your business. 

Email marketing has always been at the core of marketing strategies. In addition to newsletters, you can also use email strategies to deliver seasonal offers and several discounts dedicated to your subscribed audience. You can use slideshow makers and editors to create compelling email marketing templates. 

In conclusion, marketing is crucial for the growth of your health and wellness business. If you are starting fresh, begin by creating a website for your business to expand your reach. Following this, create an interesting explanatory video to go on your website. This video can give users a glimpse into all the services you deliver. Next, list your business on Google, Yelp, and so on. And, finally, create social media accounts to start posting relevant content in the form of images and videos. The key is to stay consistent and engage with your online and offline audience base.

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