Disney Plus will roll out various new television episodes and movies in the following weeks and months. Here is a list of popular Disney Plus programs you need to binge-watch this weekend, whether you are a great fan of Disney or just searching for something new to watch this weekend.

1) Star Wars                     

The first live-action Star Wars television program can be seen on Disneyplus.com login/begin. The program, called The Mandalorian and starring Pedro Pascal, tells the adventures of a lone gunfighter with a rough past. Gina Carano plays Cara Dune, an outlaw with a personal interest in The Mandalorian’s heritage, while Carl Weathers plays Greef Carga in the program. Both of these characters are played by outlaws. Some new droids are also in town; their names are D-O-N Kastle and IG-L4D2, respectively. These droids have the voices of Jon Favreau and Alan Tudyk.

2) Loki

The original series Loki is presently exclusive to DisneyPlus.com/begin and may be accessed there. The program follows the main character, played by Tom Hiddleston, as he continues his journeys across history and visits a variety of various eras and locations along the way. Tessa Thompson appears in the film as Queen Althea, and she is one of the actors starring in Loki. The program has received generally negative reviews from reviewers, although it has been lauded for the innovative way it tells its stories and the amazing effects it employs.

3) Falcon & Winter Soldier

The television series Falcon & Winter Soldier follows the lives of two former Avengers, Steve Rogers, and Sam Wilson. They have retired from their roles as superheroes and are now working together to operate a company. The program focuses on the adventures they go on in the current day as they investigate mysteries that have their origins in Captain America’s history. In addition, there are connections between Falcon & Winter Soldier and other Marvel television programs like Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, and Cloak & Dagger. When all these characters interact, it makes for an entertaining crossover.

4) High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

This will be the third HSM show to debut on Disney+, which will take place in the autumn after the program’s launch. Characters from the movie released in 2006 have been adapted for use in the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Although it has been 5 years since Troy and Gabriella graduated from high school, life took some unexpected turns for them. It has come to light that despite their accomplishments, their relationship has not progressed in any way. They couldn’t find their way back to each other, so it’s time for them – and you – to go back, get some closure, learn from previous errors, and play out those dreams one more time at East High.

5) WandaVision

The next program that will be available on DisneyPlus.com/begin is called WandaVision, and it is certainly a success. The program will center on the relationship between Wanda Maximoff and Tony Stark due to a common experience in Sokovia. This event catalyzed their friendship. Wanda considers Tony the one who brings out the best in her. We only see Wanda as this pleasant lady who loves Tony, except for a flashback in which she was revealed to be someone who could murder someone just by looking at them. In that memory, she was shown to be able to kill someone. She strongly desires him to recall they are good times and comprehend how much he means to her.

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