4 Streaming Apps that Have Fantastic Region-Locked Content

Streaming apps are the most common way modern viewers enjoy their favorite movies and tv shows. However, most viewers are unaware of just how much content they’re missing out on the inside of their favorite streaming services due to the region they live in. If you want to gain access to the full libraries of the services that you’re paying for, you simply must invest in removing pesky region locks. There are four streaming apps, in particular, that have region-locked content so massive and so filled with quality, that you’ll be itching to remove any-and-all region locks in your way: 

1. Netflix 

Netflix is the granddaddy of all streaming services. Although the service does not have quite as insane of a library as it once did, it still packs a major punch and is home to some of the most popular original programming on the planet. Speaking of the planet, Netflix’s library is still massive if you know how to circumvent region locks. There are thousands of quality shows, movies, and more waiting to be unlocked in every single region if you jailbreak your streaming devices to watch in an unlimited fashion

For those that love foreign television programs, breaking free of regional locks will make Netflix your top streaming platform again. There are endless Korean dramas, Japanese anime, and British comedy series waiting for you to dive into them after you’ve jailbroken your streaming devices, after all. So it’s time to take the plunge and unlock a whole new universe of amazing content. 

2. Hulu 

When it comes to television and series content, Hulu is still a reigning champ. For those that use Hulu to keep up-to-date with major shows on cable networks, or who simply love Hulu’s original programming, the service is invaluable. But what if I told you that there is nearly endless additional content waiting for you on Hulu once you’ve unlocked the region locks on the service? For TV superfans, this knowledge likely has you salivating at the potential slate of new favorite shows (soon to be) at your disposal.

For viewers who are streaming outside of the U.S., jailbreaking your device can resuscitate your ability to stay up-to-date with American cable shows. Otherwise, Hulu’s library will be a shadow of what it was for you stateside. With the rising price of Hulu’s subscription, you deserve to unlock the full range of its content, and removing region locks on the platform is the only way to do so reliably. 

3. Mubi 

Mubi is one of the most revolutionary streaming services in the marketplace in 2022. If you’ve missed the experience of going to the theater to see a varied slate of films and not just the newest Marvel movie, Mubi is here to reinvigorate your cinematic spirit. By giving viewers a slate of thirty films, with one coming in and one going out each day, Mubi has become a de facto online movie theater. 

If you unlock the region blocks on Mubi, the thirty films available to you at any given time explode into hundreds of available films. With Mubi also getting into the distribution game, it will soon be home to many modern arthouse classics, and exciting new releases from foreign directors as well. If you want to stay on top of cinematic evolution, you deserve to invest in a Mubi subscription in 2022. Doing so will help you expand your cinematic palette in a way that you’ll cherish immensely. 

4. Amazon Prime 

Amazon Prime is the final major powerhouse streaming service that has a lot of content hidden behind region locks. While (most) of its major original programming is available to every audience, despite their location, classic films and TV shows (especially anime) are broken up by region in a pretty major way. Due to this quality, jailbreaking your device to get rid of these region locks is the only guaranteed way that you can get ahold of the true power of Amazon Prime’s nearly endless film and television library. 

With Amazon Prime continuously growing in popularity, and with its library of original content beginning to rival giants like Netflix and HBO Max, anyone who has a love for pop culture needs to invest in an Amazon Prime subscription. By doubling down with the removal of region locks on your Amazon Prime programming, you’ll find yourself swimming in a deep, deep pool of quality streaming entertainment in 2022. 

Stream the Way You Were Meant To in 2022

Do not be blinded by the propaganda of some streaming platforms, and allow yourself to access the full libraries of film and television shows that you’ve been paying for every month. The new wonderland of content will open your eyes to entertainment choices and trends that you’ve never even dreamt of. By jailbreaking your streaming devices, you’ll have your best year of streaming yet in 2022.

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